Thursday, December 23

Is that a cheeseburger?

Scarf- Gap, Sweater- Old Navy, Jeans- LC Lauren Conrad, Boots- Forever 21

     Sometimes your boyfriends outfit photos say a lot more then you originally thought.

     I look at these and think... The lighting in our house is terrible, but it was too dark, cold, and rainy to go take these photos outdoors. I also remember we were on our way to get cheeseburgers and I was really hungry. I also now look at these and think, my armpit is like 3 inches higher then it appears in this sweater. I don't want to tell the whole world I have baggy sweater armpit, so maybe I wont post these. 
     But then you think, I stayed dressed all day for sweet, hungry boyfriend to take these photos so I might as well share them. There is also the guilt that sets in when you have spent most of the week in sweatpants eating cough drops by the bag... Lets focus on my cute Orla Kiely rug and call it a day, shall we!? 

     In other news, the doctor informed me I have lost 6 lbs since September. I think I have just been too busy to stuff my face, but I will take care of that starting tomorrow! I also have a small sinus infection, which I will deal with over something much worse. So tea, salt water and some antibiotics should insure I am good to go.

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