Monday, December 27

What did Santa bring you?

Sweater- Forever 21, Dress- Forever 21, Leggings- Target, Boots (not pictured)- Old Navy, Necklace- Anthropologie

     Well, the Holidays are over and done with and Santa was quite kind to us. He brought us some sunshine for two straight days which was much needed around here and secondly, he brought me a brand new (and wider!) blog layout that I love! Do you like it as much as I do? I did get quiet sick and spent most of Christmas day in a zombie like state, but I am happy to announce I can breathe again today! My family had a great weekend but now it is back to the grind. 
     The boy and I have switched roles this week. While he still has another seven blissful days off I am the one heading to work all day. Tonight, I came home to find penne pasta and garlic bread awaiting me on the table... I could get used to this! 


  1. I saw that dress on Forever's site a few days ago and fell in love. You look so cute in it! Love how you paired it with the cream sweater too.

    I went back to the office today too (I actually titled today's blog post "Back to the Grind"). It's rough...wish I was still on vacay!

  2. Its actually a tunic type dress (too short if I skipped the leggings) but so colorful in a subtle way!

  3. I love a man who cooks. I wish mine was home more to do that! You look amazing. Love the long sweater with the dress.

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  4. that is such a lovely outfit on you!


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