Thursday, January 13

Awkward and Awesome... With a Twist!

     Sometimes in life... things are equally as awkward as they are awesome. What better for today then to really get into these issues, shall we? Follow along buddies, you will get my drift...

- That smile on my face right there is pretty awkward / But being with him on the weekend is awesome!

- Receiving someone else's mail in your mailbox / Being able to thumb through their issue of People or Star before returning said mail!

- Getting rung up for something and the price is totally wrong / Cashier saying "it must be on sale" and getting a $60 dress for $18!

- Doing that thing where you wave the car to go, and they don't go, so you try to go, but they go too, and you both stop / Deciding you are just going to go and speed on like a race car driver!

- Being told you don't have to come in to work until later / Getting to sleep more!!

- Walking into a store and setting off the alarm / Remembering you forgot to cut out that sewn in sensor that Gap and Old Navy put in their pants, and you didn't really accidentally take something.

- Fighting with your boy / Letting it all go and getting in bed and snuggling no matter how annoyed you have been.

- Having a really bad hair day even after washing, blow drying and styling / Remembering you have a very cute beanie that will go with your outfit. Problem solved!

- When the self check out line at the store starts yelling and making loud noises because you messed up / Cute cashier boy coming to help, then giving you a $5 coupon because the system is having "issues"!


  1. Got a $60 dress for $18? Holla!!! That is totally awesome. And I have to say that I have pulled out the beanie/hat seeeeveral times over the past 2 weeks. I think my husband forgot what my real head looks like...

    We should totally be pals! :) We're in Fullerton and are loving the SoCal winters! Sooooo fantastic.

  2. This is too funny! cute picture!

  3. Ha! loved the last one.

  4. Geri

    Isn't the weather today GREAT?!

  5. haha totally love how you showed how things can fall under both categories together. I love when cashiers ring things up and the price is pleasantly less than you expected! :)

    <3 kristen

  6. Great blog! Love it! I'm now following :)

  7. love the "cute cashier" boy. this was a fun post.

    p.s. i live in socal too! love it here!

  8. I totally agree with the self checkout one. I feel like it's yelling at me :)

  9. ... and it is SO LOUD! everyone notices!

  10. getting a dress on sale (and that discounted) is awesome!! and i always do the car thing when a driver doesn't know that he/she has the right-of-way. ha.

  11. Hehehe, this is so cute! And I think your smile is adorable ;)



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