Wednesday, January 12

Party in the Back

Sweater- Anthropologie, Shirt- Forever 21, Jeans- 7 for All Mankind, Boots- Old Navy (soon to be retired, they are quacking!), Necklace- Tiffany & Co., Bracelet- Gift from Hawaii

     Let's be honest here. This outfit is all about the sweater. And not even the front of the sweater, but the back. It's like screaming "Ohhlaalaa look at me!" This caused boyfriend to get an abundance of very bootylicious (this word is actually in the dictionary now!) photos. Oopsies. 

     I am going to admit something here. I put this outfit on to go to Petco. Yea, that's right, real exciting. You see, there is this weird problem that happens when you sleep late or stay in your pajamas too long and then you have to go to work at night. You think to yourself "Should I really put real clothes on?". Well, for you guys I did. And I shimmied all around that Petco like a model. Not really. I went to get my dog food because we ran out and came back home but I looked decent while doing it!

     Thanks for sending and asking your questions. You still have time if there is something you want to know, I think I will post the answers on Friday or Saturday. Saturday we are going to have a day date and go to lunch and look at some houses. Yes, real estate on a date. It can be really exciting. You never knew how much fun you can have until you go to an open house telling them you are Bob and Marsha from Iowa. Kidding... maybe!


  1. Love that first picture!! So pretty! I totally do that..get dressed to run like one errand. Heaven forbid I should leave the house looking lik a dog because then I would run into everyone I the way, that patty melt you posted looks super good!

  2. FINALLY! A fashion blogger that makes sense... often bloggers put on the ugliest combos and I think its for "Shock factor".. but i want something that can give me outfit ideas- and well between you and Ramsey, I FOUND IT!

    Thanks for being so real! And adorable too! :)

    Love, Makay

  3. What a great sweater - love the unique back! And I have totally done the 'stayed in sweats too long but I am totally going to get dressed up to go to Target' thing myself. :p

  4. LOVE the anthro sweater. It is fab!
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!
    I live in Corona, not too far from Riverside. Small world. :)

  5. So funny! We ARE neighbors! Maybe I will see you at Dos Lagos one day!

  6. I'm loving this sweater! The whole look is just perfect!


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