Saturday, January 22

Lessons in Light

Shirt- Forever 21, Skirt- Forever 21, Necklace- Forever 21, Tights- Target, Boots- Old Navy, Sunglasses- Kate Spade

     I am calling an S.O.S out to the blog world for some advice here. I do not like to wear short skirts, or full skirts. But I couldn't pass up this cute skirt the other day. My problem is, I want to wear it higher, where it looks better on the waist but it gets muuuuuch shorter. The boy says I should wear it lower on my hips, where it isn't as flattering, but covers more. Fellow followers, what do you think? These photos were kinda taken in the middle range, because I kept fiddling with the skirt the whole time!

     We went to Old Town Temecula today to get the car out for a ride (Geoff has a 1986 Porsche) and to stock up on delicious tortillas at one of our favorite restaurants. We wandered the streets and within minutes found this cool green wall and decided this would be our spot. Good spot, bad lighting. I would like to know how everyone gets such wonderful photos with such great lighting?! Our little shoots are still a work in progress and the camera kept throwing an error message. I am guessing 1 p.m. isn't the ideal time either, but hey, I had lunch to eat first! 

     Okay I still have half a Saturday to burn so I am going to go kindly ask the boy to take me to a movie in return for a home cooked meal tonight! Happy Weekend!

(Apologies for that graffiti, I am not sure what it says but I can make out one word... whoops!)


  1. I think that as it is or a little bit higher would be fine! Your hair looks gorgeous! x

  2. I think higher on the waist would be completely ok! If you're like me and a bit shy about really short skirts, thicker tights might be the solution! Also, about the camera, what kind do you use? If it's a DSLR, try downing the ISO as far as you can and using a really fast shutter speed and smaller aperture. Setting the white balance to Sunlight may help too! (Sorry if you already knew all of this!) Editing the highlights down in photoshop also works!
    P.S.- Love the skirt! And I'm fairly jealous because my hurting bank account is the only thing that kept me from purchasing one like it! Looks GREAT on you!

  3. I think you should wear it higher! Go for it sexy mama!

  4. i think where you are wearing the skirt is fine and you could go higher if you want to. this outfit is great and the skirt definitely makes it!

  5. I think you could pull it off higher. If it makes you uncomfortable maybe try it with tights. Looks great though, love the look.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  6. You look so cute! Just stumbled upon your blog, you seem like you have great style. I'd love it if we could follow each other!

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
    Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland

  7. Very cute pics!! Love the outfit and your hair looks gorgeous!!
    Happy Sunday!
    Hugs xxx

  8. love the outfit <3

  9. Ooh, so lovely! I'm liking the stripes (I LOVE STRIPES) and the khaki-green skirt combo! Too cute!

  10. Vida- Thanks for the tips! I will definitely check out all of that!

  11. Allison- I LOVE stripes! I think I was a sailor in a past life!

  12. That IS a dilemma! I'm a big fan of modesty so I would go for the skirt on the hips if wearing it on the waist makes it a LOT shorter. I think it looks great! And I love how bubbly you look in all your photos :)

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  13. I LOVE your striped shirt...and I think on the hips would work well. But you pull it off regardless :)

  14. cute outfit =)

  15. i'm torn too. i love things that are waist-y but if you are uncomfortable with length, discomfort trumps.
    i like to wear flat black shoes and opaque black tights with shorter skirts for safety and the illusion of mile long legs.

  16. ok, if you look at my blog you will see that I wear my skirts maybe TOO short! But I love this look, I think this skirt is so cute and is gonna go great into Spring (no tights!) and you have it at the perfect length :) As for lighting at 1pm, have the sun to your back or side so it's not directly on your face...and this may make you use manual mode to get your background to blow out. It'll look fab!
    love, live & wear
    xo, L


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