Wednesday, March 23

BFF's Forever!

Is it just me or do any of you guys have impromptu, late night, photo shoots with your dog? He really gets a kick out of Photobooth, I promise! Actually, he wanted to show off his new big boy teeth and tell you all that he is now 6 months old! And Friday... well, he will be getting his little "man" operation, and I am a nervous wreck!
See those chompers?
Excuse my smudged eyeliner... it was like midnight when I got this brilliant idea...
Now Lewis is getting the hang of it...
Yeah, thats the best dog ever.
Heart melting at this point. He is waving hi! <3

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  1. Oh, he's such a cutie!!! Is he a labra-doodle?

  2. most adorable! he's a lil fluff ball! :)

  3. Eee cutie pie! I love the first pic!

  4. He is just the most adorable thing I've ever seen... I want one ... SO bad!


  5. Uh, heart melting is right! I have a maltipoo- they look so similar!

  6. CHRISSY! Not Chrisspy! Teaches me a lesson about blogging on my phone!!

  7. He is cute and good, but stubborn and smart! This puppy is hard to train 100%. He catches on, then outsmarts!


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