Sunday, March 6

Take A Peek.... With Alessandra!

Today we have Alessandra filling in and sharing some of her favorite accessories from her personal closet. This girl is the epitome of european chic and I have loved watching her 30 for 30. Not to mention, she totally reminds me of Sophia Copolla, which is totally a good thing!

Hi!  My name is Alessandra and I have a little blog called Mode Moods.  I've been following Hayley for some time now so I jumped at the chance to guest post on The Weekend File. 
The focus of my outfit photos tends to be on the clothes and moods (and OK, shoes too) so it's a nice change to talk accessories, which I actually love although I don't give them much time in the spotlight.

First, a recently rediscovered passion of mine: belts!  You couldn't get me to a wear a belt in my twenties, even if my pants were falling down.  Now these little babies have long surpassed their original functional use and are a stable in my closet.  I rarely run them through any actual belt hoops, instead I use them as if they were necklaces...for my waist.  I've bought them here and there: H&M, vintage stores, even in a maternity boutique (nice and stretchy!).
Next, a classic: jewelry.  Here it gets kind of crazy.  The most important pieces for me are those the BF gave me and little family treasures: my grandmother's ring, my mom's necklace.  Of course, I love the things they gave me over the years, but there's nothing like the items someone in my family actually wore and handed down to me.  That's what I call true vintage.

Depending on my mood, I'll go from classic pieces like my gold and pearl ring (grandmother's) and delicate gold necklace (my mom's from the 70s) to funky mainstream jewelry that I pick up at a place like Accessorize.  Lately I've also been making my own crochet necklaces that are necklace meets scarf, perfect warm and cozy accessories for the winter season.
Basically when it comes down to it, I really believe in the saying "Clothes are just accessories."


  1. I love sentimental jewelry. It just means so much more when you wear it.

  2. I LOVE the LOVELY Alessandra! Wonderful post! :)


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