Monday, March 7

Take a Peek.... With Erin!

I was so excited when Erin offered up her time to do a guest post. Her blog is a recent find of mine and I totally love it! I see her clothes and I am like "I have that!" "I want that!". Anyways check her out, she has a scarf collection that will  make anyone envious!!

Hello new friends!  I'm Erin from Hey, Reckless Mind and I'm so excited to be over here today.  I just recently found Hayley over here at the Weekend File and I was so happy she asked me to work on a post.  Basically, I'm gonna show you all my go to accessories.  Not too long ago, I never wore any accessories.  I was most definitely a minimalist and never even thought about putting effort into accessorizing.  However, now that I'm rollin' in the blogger world, I want to wear all of the accessories that I can get my hands on.  Unfortunately, I tend to go to the same accessories over and over.  But hey, we just met, so you won't hold that against me, right?  Ok, phew.

So you wanna see the things I usually grab as the finishing touches?  Well, first I have some pretty earrings.  They are simple, but elegant.  If I have on a plain outfit I feel like these can spruce it right up.

As for my rings, those are just the two I love the most, and I wear them probably daily.  The thick silver one I usually wear on my thumb, and that kinda makes me feel cool.  The bracelets I usually stack, and change up from time to time.  I think it's interesting to wear a whole bunch of bracelets on one wrist.
Honestly, my jewelry type accessories are kinda boring.  Nothing really pops out, so I don't rely on that to add a whole lot of depth to my outfit.  

If I really feel like my outfit needs something, I'll grab a scarf.  Scarves are such an easy effortless way to add pop to an outfit.  You can change one look many different ways just with some scarves.  They come in all different sizes and materials which make the possibilities endless.  And who doesn't love endless possibilities?  It's like bottomless chips at Chili's,  you just can't get enough.  Clearly, I can't get enough of scarves.  Every time I see one I like, I must convince myself not to buy it because I have about 20 million at home.  

Hope you all liked my little guest appearance and I hope you stop by to say hello soon!


  1. Cute! I love all the scarves, so fun. You're jewelry doesn't seem boring at all. I like the silver!

  2. I'm also a scarve person! - It's almost turned into a travel hobby as I normally try and buy one from every country I visit :)

    Thanks for guest posting!



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