Monday, March 21

Tied with a Bow

Sweater- Forever 21
Shirt- Forever 21
Jeans- LC Lauren Conrad
Boots- Target
Necklaces- Edor Jewelry & Anthropologie

     Life has been really busy lately. I promise you guys I will get out of the bathroom mirror, take boyfriend outside and give you some proper outfit photos (soon)! I felt all gung-ho today to head out and get stuff done but it is raining! Why? Why cant we have the gorgeous weather all of you are enjoying? This is California for crying out loud!! Crazy. 

     Well, a little note about these boots. You have never seen these boots before. I haven't even seen them in 2 years. Why you ask? The incredible clothes eating closet deposited it somewhere in the very back, behind the second rack of clothes, all bunched up to be forgotten about. I knew I had grey boots somewhere and what do you know? There they are! It is like gaining a new item when your closet chooses to let you find said item in its dark abyss of clothing goodness! But I did it, and boy did they give me a blister, but I matched! 

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  1. You are so cute. :) I'm so glad you found your boots.

  2. Oh your sweater is so cute! It's always great to find a piece of clothing you've been searching for :)

  3. Holy moly I am so in love with your cardigan!! So cute!

  4. LOVE when you find things in the back of your closet. super adorable! I love your h necklace!

  5. AHH i love it when i find old clothes that make them new clothes. it's seriously the best.

  6. I saw this sweater at F21 a few weeks ago and am so disappointed I didn't pick it up! You completely rock it, and now I'm drooling and praying it will still be there when I go check tomorrow. ek!

  7. OMG. LOVELOVELOVE this cardigan! AND your amazing, wavy bob. You are TOO cute :0D



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