Tuesday, April 12

At Home Resort

Dress- Target
Sweater- Windsor
Fedora- Target
Sandals- Payless
Necklaces- Edor Jewelry, Vintage, Handmade
Bracelet- Vintage

So I wanted to let you guys know that we quit our jobs, jumped on a plane and flew to a beautiful resort on the beach and I wore this outfit. Okay, then I woke up. And I realized that it was a beautiful sunny Sunday and I was just in our backyard. I never realized that our backyard could actually look that pretty. It made me wish I was lounging in the sun reading a magazine, not getting ready to head to work. Which is really where I spent the majority of my Sunday. 

Regardless, the first half was fantastic and it made me so anxious to really be up by the beach next weekend with no work for 3 whole days! And I made sure to bring out my one and only Maxi dress so I could play along for this weekend Everybody, Everywear challenge! I ended up loving this look and color palette. It will be back again! Gold, black and chartreuse? Love it!

Also, dear friends (we are friends... like 220 of my closest BFF's!), I designed a look for the Jess LC Design Your Look challenge and I would love it if you could go and vote for me. It takes a split second and all you have to do is leave a comment that says "Hayley- Facebook".  Easy, right? I will bake you a big plate of cookies! 
Maxi Skirt/Dress | Everybody, Everywear


  1. haaa i totally feel like you're living at a resort

  2. Love that color of your sweater!

    and I voted.

  3. okay, youre ADORABLE!!!! I just stumbled on your blog. I NEED that going to target!!!!!! love the combo and the bright sweater!

  4. @Ashley Its from last summer but I am almost positive they will have it back again this year!


  5. J'ADORE with the hat and green cardi. So so cute!


  6. just came across your blog and i love it.
    you are so stinken' cute!
    love your outfit.
    target is the bomb!
    ..following you now:)

  7. Love the cadigan and your hat. Hello, summer! Lovely


  8. Love this outfit, great color! WANT that hat! You're super cute!


    P.S. Voted for you :)

  9. I love the hat! I've been wanting one of those for summer, but every time I try one on it doesn't fit my large noggin. How embarrassing! HAhaha! And I cannot believe your backyard! I've always always (and still do) want a pool in my backyard! I love pools!

  10. I LOVE that outfit and that cardi is so cute. That is a great color!

  11. You have a really nice backyard!! The way you used the hat for your styling and pictures is so cute! Great job!

  12. Thank you for voting ladies!!! XO XO All around!!

  13. Hmm... I really like cookies. Tempting offering ;)

    I'll go vote right now :)

    p.s. great outfit, I love the hat!!


  14. Hey girl! I LOVE this outfit on you. One of my faves. Also, I had to make sure you knew this since we are pals. I HATE FEET TOO! I hate them with such a passion it's almost ridiculous. When I said toe cleavage, I meant the small amount of lines typically exposed in cute flats. NOT actual toes showing. Ew. Amen?

  15. OOhh... Lime green is my favorite color, so I'm loving that cardigan! Yay for spring/summer! Now if only Pittsburgh was a little warmer and more sunny...

  16. While looking at this post I was reminded of how desperately I need a fedora! I think I saw this one at Target, maybe I'll have to stop by soon! Love the outfit :)

  17. Beautiful pics! I adore everything kiwi colored! :D

    P.S: I´m giving away a $100 beauty gift card for YSL, Chanel... etc products. Wanna join in on the fun? ;D

  18. I'm wicked impressed by how well you pull off the green and black combo here. You're right, it's so beachy and fun, and the hat is the perfect addition to the look.

  19. These photos are so good! And, I love the simple black maxi. Very chic.

  20. Every time I visit your blog, I remember why I love it. It exudes happiness.
    Thanks for joining us at EBEW!

  21. you have a beautiful backyard from what we can see :) i am diggin' the sweater, maxi dress and hat combo!!!!!



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