Wednesday, April 13

Scenes from the Weekend

A sneak peek at my daily routine. Coffee, makeup, hair, music. Good way to start each morning.
Headed out early sunday to the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I will be sharing my finds and fun later in the week!
You see that? It actually hit 100 degrees last week! Bring on the sun and fun! I'm ready to spend long days outside playing fetch, washing cars and swimming!
The best part of a weekend morning. Getting to wake up together and hang out. Something I really miss the other 5 days a week. 
Talk about fun in the sun! First day ever Lewis was allowed to run around my parents backyard, get dirty, eat bugs, chase his toys and he loved it! That is one happy pup. Oh, and it was his last day in that cone!
I love him. True story.

And if you haven't entered the giveaway, do it soon! It's not too late!


  1. I want to go to the Rose Bowl flea market soo bad! Can't wait to see all your finds.

  2. Oh flea market, that sounds promising!



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