Friday, April 1

Brought to you by the Letter 'H'

(I got caught mid twirl...!)
Shirt- Forever 21
Skirt- H&M
Shoes- Urban Outfitters
Necklace- Nordstrom
Bracelet- Forever 21

Are you wondering why in the world I am holding this large letter H? 

Well I pulled up to the house the other day and opened our garage and right in the middle of my parking spot was a large sign off of a business (I will let you try and figure out which one...!) that some family friends used to own and there it was! This business name is also boyfriends last name. So thats why we think it is so cool! Then even better, I was told that the H was a separate piece. Under my arm it went because H is the best letter in the alphabet, in my opinion anyways!

H could be for my new heart covered skirt that I found on sale at H&M that day for only $10! It could also be for the heat, which it is hot and lovely outside right now and all I want to do is lay in the sun with a Fudgesicle!

It also reminds me of the 4th grade, when we all had to stand up and describe ourselves on the first day. There was Pretty Patricia, Baseball Brian, Cool Casey, and then there was me... I thought and thought really hard, stood up, and announced... "Hello... I am Hairy Hayley!" WHY!!? Why did I not think of the word happy?!? I was traumatized, I didn't live that down the entire year, and I still think of it to this day! So H is for Happy. Enough said!

Happy Friday!!


  1. This reminds me of the 'H&M' sign!

  2. I love your outfit! It's simple yet so chic. And your "Hairy Hayley" is too funny, although probably not funny a the time :)

  3. Such a great deal on the skirt. That H almost looks fake. Such a great find.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl
    Fanciful Brainstorm - Tumblr

  4. I love this outfit! You look great Happy Hayley!
    Isn't that "H" from a Hallmark store? :)

  5. So cute! Love the skirt! The ads look great btw, nice work!


  6. Thank you for the comment! I love your outfit. <3

  7. You are too cute! Your pictures are adorable and so is your outfit :) Stopped over from FTLOB and really glad I did. Hope you have a great one!

  8. AGREED H is for happy, healthy, hot people!

  9. Hahaha "Hairy Haley" is too cute. Don't worry, I would have probably said something equally embarrassing too. I was a weird kid. :p

    Love the heart skirt! So perfect for spring.

  10. Ahhhhh! I LOVE this!! Old letters/signage is so fun to have around the house and even better it has a personal meaning! You gotta put it up somewhere and then take a picture and share! Orrr just use it as a photo prop, because that totally rocks too! Thanks SO much for your sweet comment on my blog!! Made my day! And yes, food is awesome I love it too, haha. Your blog is super cute and I've basically spent the last ten minutes just reading through all your past posts!!! Yay for being an *almost* new homeowner! It's such a great feeling. And a lot of work. Annnnd sometimes expensive. BUT it's totally worth it. Definitely. We live in Ohio! Far cry from sunny CA... jealous:)

  11. hehe "hairy hayley." i remember i used to always stress about those too, i could only think of unflattering adjectives...mean, messy...etc.

    cute blog, and that skirt is a great find!



  12. Cute blog, and i love the necklace!


  13. Haha, definitely not Hairy. More like hotly dressed Hayley., not that many adjectives start with "h". At least not in my limited vocabulary. Sorry. Either way, I love the outfit and the letter! So cool!

    North Meets South

  14. Oh my gravy. I love you. And I LOVE this skirt on you. This skirt with it's darling hearts and all makes you look insanely tiny and awesome. Please never stop wearing this skirt.


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