Monday, April 4

After Sundown

White Blouse- Cotton On
Jeggings- LC Lauren Conrad
Flats- Target
Necklace- H&M
Sunglasses- LC Lauren Conrad

This past weekend was so full of work and other fun activities, that there was barely any time for anything else! I ended up working the majority of the day on Saturday. Then we headed to a plant sale at the UCR campus where I picked up a new plant friend (more on him to come!), and off to P.F. Changs to have dinner with our families. It is totally normal and really nice that our families are friends with each other, makes it easy to see everyone all at once! It was almost 8pm when I had to beg and plead for some photos of my outfit. I tried to wear sunglasses to give everyone the illusion that we were just casually shooting in the sunny day time, but this was not the case. We managed to get like 10 snaps before it was dark! So excuse the bad lighting, lack of smiles, and if you can find it... small soy sauce stain on my blouse. I did it for you guys!!! Sunday, we went to our favorite cafe in Orange County for breakfast burritos and headed to get a few more supplies for a project I will show you later in the week then it was off to work again. And thanks to all that fun and work, today I have a pile of laundry with my name on it. 


  1. I love this outfit! The buttons on your shirt are so cute.

  2. @Mandy Oh thanks! That is like 95% of the reason I got it!

  3. The flats are so so cute! And I couldn't see any stain hehe :) xo

  4. Haha, the begging and pleading sounds like me! Does your guy take your photos too? My husband loathes taking my outfit pics, but he does it anyway. Way to go husband for sacrificing a full 5 minutes of your time that would otherwise be spent watching The Simpson. I really appreciate it :)

    North Meets South

  5. @Erica- Its true! Some days he is gung-ho, others I have to barter backrubs and beer for 5 minutes of his time!!

  6. Sounds like a fun and relaxing weekend - and I love those flats!

    And thanks for stopping by - now following you, hope you'll come and visit me :)



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