Tuesday, April 5

Rainbow Brights.

Shirt- Forever 21
Skirt- Really old with no tags
Belt- Forever 21
Shoes- Target
Glasses- Burberry

I think I used to be really fat. No really. This skirt has got to be 10 years old... it has always stayed in my closet because I didn't think I could ever find a fun rainbow striped skirt again. But would I ever fit it or wear it again? I remember wearing it when I was 17 or 18. That might have been the last time. Well the 90 degree weather reminded me of this skirt this week and I had to slip it on. And it was HUGE. I love that! See? All those years of keeping it finally payed off because now it fits! I tried to roll my shirt beneath the belt to make it a little more tight but it didn't work. So it kind fits. Regardless, it was fun to wear it again. 

Oh yeah, I also wear glasses sometimes. I don't usually like to wear them out and about because I am kinda like a vampire and need sunglasses on all of the time. But I was so tired this day. So, so tired. My eyes literally could not see through my contacts so you guys get the treat of seeing Smart Hayley. I would probably be blind without them. It is true. I cant even see the alarm clock from my bed in middle of the night. 


  1. Finding clothes that are too big for me in my closet makes me really happy. Like I lost weight without trying. Rational no, Ego boost yes. The skirt is adorable.

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  2. Great skirt, great glasses. You look lovely.

  3. I love the third picture. Glasses look great on you!

  4. @Mandy
    Thank you! I never, ever wear them out!

  5. yay for other fashiony ladies who wear glasses too! woop!

  6. Love this skirt and adore your blog! Following now. xo

  7. hooray glasses wearers! also, that belt is amazing and the colors on that skirt make me happy :)

    your blog is great, I'm officially a follower!

  8. Thanks ladies, and all the new followers!

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous. I so adore that lovely skirt, and the belt is just superb. Your glasses, um SO freakin adorable -you look fab. xx veronika


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