Friday, April 29

Congratulations to....

So we have a winner for our May Large Ad giveaway! 
Congratulations Shellsea! Since May is just around the corner please send in your button ASAP! Cant wait to have you here!

And in other news... how incredibly gorgeous was Kate? I woke up in the middle of the night and loaded the BBC on my phone just to see a photo because I could not sleep until I took a peek at that dress!!! Thank goodness it is in repeat all day because I am watching them exchange vows on one channel and ride around in the carriage on another. What a day they are having!!! I feel like I need to take a trip to London in the near future, they just know how to make everything so lovely. What did you think of the Royal Wedding?

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  1. i thought it was beautiful aesthetically speaking...but i think weddings should be more emotional...even if they are british and it's a royal wedding!


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