Monday, May 2

Central California Casual

Sweater- Forever 21
Jeggings- LC Lauren Conrad
Boots- Forever 21
Necklace- Forever 21
Bracelet- Vintage
Handbag- Orla Kiely

     Hello May! And hello new sponsors! I am already loving this month and we are only two days into it! This is a little sneak peek of our Santa Barbara photos and the outfit I wore when we were up there. I was so cool and comfortable in that knit sweater when the ocean breeze came by, but it also kept me quite warm when I layered my peacoat later in the evening. I was loving the super neutral color palette and the nature inspired details on my accessories (like the stone and the leaves on my bag). There is a real casual vibe up in Santa Barbara that I fed off of, but there was also a ton of inspiration every where I looked! This was the outside of our hotel. How gorgeous, huh? I was in heaven. I cant wait to show you the inside later this week! 

     One of my sponsors for this month is LuLu's! They have incredible clothes and accessories and are very supportive of the blog world. Plus, who wouldn't want to add these grey strappy wedges or this dress to their summer wardrobe? I know I would! Well, they are offering you lucky readers a 15% discount off your purchases with the code 'WEEKEND' (all caps!) until May 5th. 

     So what are you waiting for? Get shopping! Or if you don't need anything, I know a girl who has a birthday coming up...!


  1. You look lovely as usual!!

    I love your blog so I gave you an award. Check it out HERE

  2. I love the colorful carpet :)

    Happy May!


  3. @Mizdragonfly I love it toooo! I wanted to steal the mat outside our door! It made me so happy!!

  4. That necklace is really cool... I like the mat too... :P

  5. Love the Orla Kiely bag :)

  6. Could you be ANY cuter! That necklace is the best - where did you get it?!

  7. @Sarah Thanks!! The blue one is from Forever 21 the nameplate one I had made years ago!


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