Tuesday, May 3

Ooh Baby!

Shirt- Forever 21
Navy Pants- Forever 21
Necklace- Forever 21
Belt- ???
Shoes- Target
Bracelet- Vintage

     Yes, this entire outfit is basically from Forever 21. I can't help myself. I live rather close to one of the biggest ones I have ever seen... they are basically begging me to shop there! I can't drive down the street without seeing those letters up on the top of the building beckoning me in. If it makes you feel better, the pants are like a year old while the top I just got on Friday. So I guess you can say I am good at mixing the old with the new. 

I really loved the casual nature of this outfit and I think I had forgotten how comfortable a pant could be, as opposed to denim. Also, they are navy... you just can't tell. I kept the outfit on into the wee hours of night I was so happy with it.

Also, apologizes for throwing the Zoolander up there in one of those photos. These were taken late, late, after my sisters baby shower on Saturday! I didn't take any photos there, but it was a whirlwind of presents, friends, family and tons and tons of eating. The theme was comfort food. They had lasagna, mashed potatoes, salmon, garlic bread and chicken pot pie. She is having twins, so I guess she was extra hungry when she planned this menu! Just a few weeks now and my little niece and nephew will be here! I can't wait to meet them!!


  1. I love it! I also can no resist Forever 21. When i was in San Francisco I told myself I was not allowed to go on there... it didn't last long I was in and came out with a new cardigan and shorts.

    I have no will power when it comes to their store!

  2. Love that top!

    Also... Yay twins! My brothers are twins, and I've been watching a lot of old home videos of them as babies recently. Your sister is in for a hand full :)

  3. Hahaha! I'm pretty much always decked out in f21 gear! Why the heck not?! You look super cute!

  4. Hi lady! I was following your blog as well but somehow you're removed from my reader! Blogger doesn't want us to be friends. :[ haha
    Super cute outfit! F21 is the besttt. :]

  5. love, love, love that top and that whole outfit!!

  6. love this top! and those red pumps are hot!!!!

  7. I love how your blouse hangs. Adorable and comfy!

  8. Ya gotta love F21--I want this outfit! Nice job. :)


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