Tuesday, April 19

Luck of the Irish

While we are still up in Santa Barbara I wanted to share a few of my favorite past vacations with your guys! These photos have never been posted on this blog! Enjoy!

So in 2005, while Geoff was a student in Oxford, I did a study abroad in Oxford for a semester. And of course, being in England, just a hop and a skip away from Ireland, over the very awesome St. Patrick's Day weekend, we just had to go. We woke up at 1 am, took cabs, coaches and walked all the way to the furthest airport from Oxford, so we could take the must budget Ryan Air flight to Dublin. It was scary. But we ended up making it to Dublin by 7 am and the party was well under way! It was an awesome weekend, so say I have been there. We were poor, had the clothes we could stuff in a backpack and young, so we didnt even know what to do or where to go but I loved this trip! Oh, and yes... that is me with brown hair. I was trying something different that year. 

Sporting our Irish colors! Geoff was sleepy when we got to Ireland!
The adorable B&B I found on the internet and booked. They were so awesome to us and the house was soooo charming.
We look so young!! Watching the St. Patrick's Day Parade.
At a pub, faces painted, Guinness in hand and I think it is 10 in the morning!
Guinness Brewery!
The Second day. We went to explore a fishing village called Howth. 
Walking out to the lighthouse in Howth. Rolling hills, rocky beaches, and a picturesque village behind us. Gorgeous!
We also ventured out and went to explore Malahide Castle.
Newly dating, snuggling on a bench in the middle of a green field in Ireland? Are you kidding me! Amazing! I love this photo!!
City of Dublin. This is the Temple Bar area that has hip shops and bars. I remember finding an Urban Outfitters and making everyone go!
Trinity College. I love that we were so cheesy and wore green the whole time! You can see my backpack here, thats what I basically lived out of for 4 months!
St. James Gate. I love us!


  1. You look great as a brunette! Looks like an awesome trip :) xo

  2. Looks like a great trip! Ireland is one of my most-wanted-to-visit places :) It looks so beautiful.


  3. I was in Dublin a couple days over spring break this year - it was so awesome! Malahide Castle was so beautiful!


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