Saturday, May 14

Almost Thirty

     Okay I'm not almost 30... but I am definitely closer to 30 then 20. Feels weird to really say that! Anyways I had a pretty low key birthday on Wednesday. Got my toesies did, drank some coffee, had a nap, watched Oprah, had some pizza and a pizookie and hit up Target. Pretty much like any other day except there were presents involved. Have I mentioned I love presents? Well, I do.
     Like this totally awesome beach cruiser I found in the living room!!!!!!!!! EEEK! I am excited. We don't technically live by the beach yet, and the boy didn't even get himself a bike... but I can ride all around our little neighborhood to my hearts content. But for now I just like looking at it propped up in the living room in its cute, minty green glory! I need a basket, stat!
     Oh and this beauty has been on my radar for months. Finally, the stars aligned and I found it at Anthropologie for $9.95 and with my birthday discount... it had to come home with me! Hmm... that navy and green striped blouse also came home with me... and I only spent $35! I love my birthday discount!!
My new ring. Spent less then $2 on it and it makes me laugh every time.  Hope you all had a good week too. I work all weekend and I am hoping I find time to tackle my Spring closet clean out/organization I have been meaning to do. A blog sale is on its way, folks! 

BTW... if you missed it, (thanks blogger) I am going to re-do my FAQ section and would love for you guys to leave some comments with questions you think it would be fun to answer, or questions you have  been wanting to ask and I will answering them in an upcoming post. Nothing off limits... ask and I will answer!


  1. Love that ring - I do have 1 question: what advice would you give to aspiring style bloggers coz I really need some help. :) .

  2. Love all of those gems! Happy almost birthday :-D

  3. what a heap of treasures :D the bike is totally freakin'fab-a-licious * *

  4. stopping by from the FTLOB blog hop-- I love love your new bike! I have an Electra Amsterdam and it is the absolute best for cruising around. Hope you have fun testing it out!

  5. Happy Birthday and what a cool blog you have!

    I actually found you through twitter and am now following you on both venues!

  6. 1. excellent mustache ring.

    2. i won't be 26 for another couple of months...but it does seem major in the sense that it's closer to thirty not twenty! so ditto.

    3. what's a pizookie?

  7. Love the bike and ring! Makes me want to add something like that to my store =).

    For the questions, what about: what photo editing software do you use?

    I love the vintage effect on these. So cute!

  8. I absolutely love your new bike and your ring! Too cute :)

  9. What a CUTE ring - in love with it! SO glad you had a great birthday XO

  10. FUN ring : ) I ♥ things that make you smile!

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE the ring! Happy Belated Birthday.

  12. That ring is SOO cute! and super cheap major plus! :)


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