Monday, May 16

Easy Breezy

Sweatshirt- Forever 21
Jeans- Mossimo
Wedges- American Eagle
Sunglasses- LC Lauren Conrad
Watch- Burberry
Necklace- Forever 21

     So this is what I wore to Costco. Fancy, right? And going to Costco is basically all we did before I had to head off to work. Sundays are lazy, what can I say? I love going there but I can only justify buying household products and beverages there. So we usually stock up on soy milk, water, beer and bread. Because I can basically turn any meal into a sandwich so we eat bread a lot. Lasagana sandwich? Oooh, sounds good. 

     Did you notice it was windy? Like super windy? Out of like 100 photos, about 85 of them I was trying to peel my wild hair off of my lipgloss. Yea, tough life of a style blogger. I do it for you guys though. I wasn't even going to post this, since I really just threw on a sweatshirt and jeans for like a two hour time span, but I am keeping it real. And I really don't wash my hair on Sundays and I really hate the light wash on those jeans, but they were clean (enough) for Costco. 


  1. Love this outfit! And I have questions for your FAQ :)
    - Can you do a collage/photo editing tutorial?
    - What's life like in Southern California?

  2. No hassle outfit - as Sundays should be ;)


  3. your look is wonderful! xoxo

  4. Ok you are so stinking cute! I am so happy I found your blog for sure a follower now!

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  5. girl, at least you wear heels to costco. I think it is and adorable running around outfit.

  6. @Hayley... I pushed that huge cart super slow in my heels!!

  7. This outfit is great! You always wear stripes so well :)

  8. I HATE WHEN MY HAIR GETS STUCK IN MY LIPGLOSS!!!! That's why I just wear lipstick now. you look super cute! I love the stripes! oh, and our house is a short sale too, but it surprisingly didn't take that long! good luck to you and your house hunting!

  9. I love this outfit! It's a great casual but still oh-so-stylish getup. And I hear ya on the lipgloss! That happens to me too!

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