Tuesday, May 17

Peek at my Weekend

     I love to do my weekend recaps via the photos I take and post on Instagram throughout the week!! If you don't know what Instagram is, it basically is like a photo stream of your photos. You can see your friends photos on your feed and it is very interactive and fun. They also have a ton of cool effects for your photos which is what I like to use to make them look a little more unique. 
I picked up this ooh so soft striped robe since I have never, ever had one! I thought it would be a more cozy and fun way to lounge around my house in the early mornings and let me tell you... it is! And the boy approves, it gets extra me snuggle time whenever I am wearing it. 
     I let this little guy have more run of the house lately and his new favorite thing to do is to lay on the cool tile floor by my feet while I do my makeup in the morning. I just think he is the sweetest boy in the whole world. I cant get enough photos in the world of this sweet face!
     I read on a blog about these ThinkThin bars that are supposedly pretty tasty with no sugar in them and tons of protein. They are gluten free, full of vitamins, and are meant to be eaten when you are on the go. I bought a few flavors to try out. They were only $1.15 at Fresh & Easy which wasn't too bad considering it has taken me 2 days to eat the Brownie Crunch flavor. It reminds me of a healthy brownies with those little rice kernels in it. Very filling and tasty, perfect to keep in your purse!
     Oh, well then of course I am eating healthy then all I can think of is bad food! I was craving ice cream, but I am lactose intolerant and it just doesn't sit well, so I picked up some rainbow sprinkles, So Delicious soy ice cream, and Magic Shell and we had an impromptu dessert party on Saturday night. Remember Magic Shell? It is so fun to let it get hard and then crack it into bits! I saw it at the store and had to have it. Cuddles, HGTV, and bowls of ice cream... totally tame for a Saturday but I loved it!
     My birthday treat to myself was a pedicure. I never, ever, get those done. Literally, I think the last time was like prom! I just don't like to spend money on something I can do myself, but you know what... my nails were so shiny and pretty and my little feet were silky smooth... I can see why people to this all of the time!


  1. i've noticed that your photos are always in a unique edits/styles, now I know your secret! I've been using picnik, but the coolest things on picnik are part of the premium {paid}, is instagram paid or free?

  2. @Melissa I think the app is free!

  3. Thanks for passing those protein bars on!!! I'm down with anything that is sugar free :) Off to check out their website now.

  4. so cute! i'm lactose intolerant too. plus, ice cream always makes me feel like I need to drink a gallon of water after...

  5. your weekend sounds fab--swooning over your pedi! love that color.

  6. Thank you @Carlotta... I don't even know what color it was! but it was a pretty orange/red!

  7. What an adorable pup! I have wanted one for so long it hurts :(
    Your toes look great btw!

  8. @nikkibit Thank you, he is good looking but he is a handful!


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