Wednesday, May 18

Summer Products I Love

One of my favorite things to see bloggers do is post about what makeup they use or what they are loving lately. I have posted my entire makeup routine here and have done posts about my favorite items at the time, but as the seasons change so do my current routine so I decided to show you what I cant live without, for now!

1. Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Moisturizer- I start to use this product when the weather gets a bit warmer. The foaming aspect makes nearly impossible to make 'streaky' and the change in color is so subtle you never feel like you are orange. The other benefits are that it doesn't have that fake smell too it and it isn't as sticky as other brands. 

2. E.L.F Minty Lip Gloss- I know these are basically $2 but the colors are nice, not too sticky, they last all day and they are cheap! I buy them by the handful and leave them everywhere and don't mind using them all the time because they are so affordable to replace. They also work great layered on top of lipstick.

3. Benefit 10 Bronzer and Blush Duo- I love this so much I only pull it out in the summer months. The bronze is so nice on my skin and the pink gives it a nice glow. I really love that it doesn't look glittery, which is a problem with other bronzers I have tried. And, it lasts for quite a long time. A little goes a long way.

4. OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection- I am waiting to get my hands on my set, but I noticed these last week in store and I love almost every color. They are very matte in their finish and really have depth of color. I love the Champagne colored one and the greens in this set. Also comes with the shatter polish so you can mix it up!

5. Mocha Rose Rosebud Salve- So my friend took this out in the car to apply it and I nearly bit it out of her hand. Literally, I wanted to eat it. It made my whole car smell like a delicious cafe making coffee and baking brownies. I love the rosebud salve and now this is on my radar. It smells divine. Trust me and buy it.

6. E.O.S Lavender Jasmine Shave Cream- I pretty much hat shaving my legs but it is a necessity. This is ultra moisturizing and has the most pleasant clean smell. Not to mention, the price is affordable and one bottle lasts for quite some time. 

7. MAC Amber Lights Eyeshadow- My first little "gift with purchase" from MAC had this color in it years ago and I have always, always, gone back to it and kept it in my palette. I love using it as a highlight color over a basic light brown or nearly nude eye. It just has the prettiest gold flecks and the bronze is universally flattering. One of my favorite colors by far.

8. St. Ives Green Tea Exfoliator- I always loved the apricot scrub but thought it was maybe a little rough and almost made my face more red then should be. I switched up to this recently and it is a lot softer on the skin. It has a great natural smell and also works great as a mask, lathered up well and left of for 20 min. It really makes the skin soft. And the best thing is they sell it in the travel size as well so you never have to be without!


  1. I love E.O.S. I have never used a better shaving cream.

    Love, Shellsea Blog

  2. these are great picks! i love summery products. mmm that green tea scrub sounds delightful!

  3. Those OPI colors are great! I really want to get some once I've got more cash on my hands! And that shaving cream looks lovely, and sounds lovely! Definitely gonna try it out.


  4. I'm right there with you. I have my daily routine of products I use, but as the season changes, so does my routine. I love my Jergens natural glowing moisturizer (right now). :)

    Great products!!


  5. @Aimee Just an FYI to get more bang for your buck, OPI usually sells a 4 color small sample pack so you can get 4 colors that are tiny but for the same price it would cost you to get 2! I always buy them!

  6. I love seeing what other bloggers use. I'm also a big fan of rose bud salve and once you mentioned the mocha salve.. lakfjdslf i want. hahah!


  7. LOVE IT!


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