Friday, May 6

Anatomy of a Beach Getaway

     When we went on our road trip a few weekends ago, we stayed at Hotel Oceana in Santa Barbara. Originally, we didn't plan on staying there, but then I changed my mind and wanted to be by the beach so we found this online and booked it. Everything about our stay from start to finish was lovely. If anything I would give them a 99% recommendation only docking a point because the walls are pretty thin and with the pools being in the center of the complex it can get noisy. But really, you shouldn't be in your room in the daytime anyways!
     The grounds of the hotel were gorgeous, in was an old two story motel like complex that had been completely renovated right across the street from the beach and pier. The attention to detail and cute pops of color and decoration made me giddy. And did I mention the huge succulents everywhere I looked? Gorgeous!
     Inside the rooms were wood floors. Hard. Wood. Floors. Swoon! I hate hotel carpet and this just made the whole room seem so light and airy. The bathrooms were small, but clean and simple, really all you need. They provided Aveda products (my favorite Rosemary Mint shampoo-- and that stuff is not cheap!). The colors and decor were bright and poppy, the bed was totally comfortable, and did I mention they had completely free WiFi? That is a total gripe of mine when they want another $10 a day for internet... I am addicted! I need it for free!! Also they had a small bowl of treats and small wines and drinks in the fridge. I know it is basically a mini-bar, but they way they had it set up was so cute!
L to R: Photo of me in the mirror in the bathroom... notice those floors!, The desk area and a cute book about Santa Barbara Sunsets, My travel bag and those yummy travel size treats, Our clothes neatly arranged in the closet, The boy and I.
     This was our view from the room. We requested an ocean view and I would recommend to stay on the second floor just due to that pool/kid/noise issue. Plus they have little patio areas where you can go drink some wine and overlook the beach. I also had a whole other outfit I forgot to take photos of but you can see it there from the little patio. Now the rugs, if you follow my Instagram I posted photos everyday of these. They lined the hallways and were unbelievably cheery. I really wanted to pull one up and stuff it in our trunk. If anyone knows where to get something like this... I need to know!!!!
     So not only did we get all of this.. but there was on-site parking, free breakfast that had a lot to choose from, and complimentary beach cruisers to take out and explore. I am not going to lie, that is why we booked the place. It was so nice to go ride around early in the morning!!! I had to take it through an empty parking lot at first because it had been awhile since I got on a bike, but it was so fun. I only fell in the sand once.

I want to note that I did not get paid to stay there, asked to write a review, or anything of that nature. We found, paid, and booked this hotel on our own and I am 100% unbiasedly sharing my opinion on the property!


  1. What a cute hotel. I totally want to go there now.

    Love, Shellsea Blog

  2. I love Santa Barbara and that hotel looks awesome!!

  3. Love your fedora...been searching for one =)

  4. @Brittany Urban is a GREAT place to find all kinds of hats, and don't be afraid to look at the mens section!

  5. What a lovely post! Makes me want to visit Santa Barbara too. :-)

  6. omg i'm totally jealous. that hotel looks fabulous! seems like you had a fantastic time : )

    awesome blog - i'm your newest follower!

  7. hello newest follower from the hop looking forward to more great posts

  8. wow, it's so cool that this hotel exists! I need to explore it after your cool confession! :D you look great and please, don't stop smiling!!!
    p.s. hats suit you sooo well! ;)

  9. @Julia.. Thank you. I like hats! They hide bad hair days soo well!


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