Monday, May 30

Feeling Blue

Sweater- Forever 21
Jeans- LC Lauren Conrad
Sandals- Issac Mizrahi
Necklace- Forever 21
Watch- Fossil

     This outfit is nothing to write home about but it is all that I got. And you know i'm not feeling well when there is a messy ponytail. I actually really like this sweater, it has a pretty pattern to it and it is pretty light weight. I kinda feel like the lost member of the blue man group. Oh, and there is a little close up on the watch... Aint it purdy?
     I know everyone has been enjoying the sun, beaches, and bbq's with friends and family this 3 day weekend... I have been enjoying naps, lots of tv watching, nose blowing and hot mint tea. I do not know what brought on this cold, but this cold fought and won. I can't remember being this sick and run down for a long time. I barely worked last week, and ever since my visit to the doctor, my medicine has been making it hard to keep my eyes open. And on a three day holiday weekend? Boo to that! 
     I think I am going to make up for this awful weekend with a potential overnight trip to San Diego next month, so we can  enjoy some time out and about. Hope you are all having a great weekend! Tell me what you did, I will live vicariously through all of you!


  1. you need some emergen-c and lots and lots of juice! poor thing!
    on a good note, your watch is so bling blingin! i love it!

  2. love the color of that sweater on you????

  3. It wasn't a holiday weekend here in Canada, so I didn't do any extraordinary! In fact, I worked all weekend. Hope you feel better soon! :-) I love your new watch!

  4. you are a sexy beast, if you don't mind me saying. love you in blue!

  5. I really love the blue on blue and the relaxed feel of this outfit. The watch is the perfect "summer" watch!
    Loving your blog girl! :)

    xo Lynzy

  6. Blue really suits you =] I hope you feel better soon, cause that sounds horrible! x

  7. LOVE this! You look so easy and relaxed!


  8. Feeling MUCH better today! Thanks everyone!!!


  9. I just spent a ridiculously long amount of time going over your files. Great blog, now following you :)

  10. I totally love that sweater! and the necklace is just amazing! x

  11. Tabias: "I just blew myself." I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself. I'm just praying you've seen arrested development and caught my blue man group reference. If not, ignore me. haha

  12. you are crazy girl, i love this outfit! you are such a doll <3

    ~Andrea @

  13. found you from the daybook :]

    just wanted to say that you look GORGEOUS in this color...i really like it.

    i need to get me some pretty sweaters like that...since it's still freezin bum cold here...what happened to summer right?

    AlphabetSoup Style

  14. Boo for a bummer weekend! A trip to San Diego is a sure cure:-) xoxo

  15. What a great Forever 21 find! That sweater is beautiful! Sorry to hear about your weekend :( Hope you're feeling better!

    <3 kris&kel

  16. I have that sweater and love how comfy yet cute it is. Unfortunately the color isn't as vibrant as yours though! Now following you-I love finding other California bloggers!


  17. @Rach Yay for CA! Im heading to check your blog out now!


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