Wednesday, June 1

Goodbye May!

A few photos from our last week of May! I am ready to head into June... So many good things coming up for us, I cant wait! Not to mention, it is officially summer so beach trips and bike rides are on!
     My two little couch potatoes. They spent the last weekend of May (and a holiday weekend at that!) on the couch with sick little me. I love those boys with my whole heart! There is nothing that says love more then waking up and having your boyfriend tell you "There is Hazelnut coffee in the microwave and a Cinnamon Crunch bagel in the toaster"... Be still my heart! 
     And of course, being out of commission meant no BBQ's but it didn't mean we couldn't have a comfort food feast at home! Boy cooked us burgers, baked beans and yes.. Kraft mac and cheese. So I guess we did have a good weekend after all??
     But Monday... I was determined to have a good day! We headed to run errands, go out to lunch, hit up Anthropologie and build the worlds biggest Lego with my nephew! I managed to pick up some cute summer shorts and a great blazer that was sooo on sale, I couldn't leave it behind!
     Lunch at Panera Bread! Chips, Creamy Tomato Soup and a Chicken Chipotle Panini!
     My sweet little one eyed bandit! This dog is just the best thing to have ever happened to us. We love him so much, and he has the best personality ever. He doesn't even seem to mind his hair is growing right over his eye. I cant wait to take him to the dog beach this summer... he will love it!
     Pink and Coral. This is my new obsession! Expect to see different combos of this color on the blog all summer long! I cant wait for bright and cheery summery dresses and long summer days. Oh and popsicles everyday!


  1. the best part about getting sick is the comfort food. Even though being sick is not good at all but well, it's always good to indulge every once in a while

  2. Your dog is sooo cute! He makes me want one even more than I already do :(
    I love the pink coral combo, wouldn't have thought of that!

  3. @Nikki He is a handful, but I couldn't imagine life without him now!!

  4. hold the phone. did you just say cinnamon crunch bagel??

    ~Andrea @

  5. what a fun post :) I'm LOVING the month of June so far!! Hope it's a great month for you too.

  6. You have a beautiful sense of style that I covet!! <3 lol.

    I love your Instagram pics!! :) Hehe, I am doing a weekly link up on my blog, if you would like to join in with your phone pics!


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