Thursday, June 2

Winning Pink!

Sweater- Forever 21
Top- Anthropologie
Jeans- LC Lauren Conrad
Shoes- Old Navy
Earrings- Icing
Sunglasses- Kate Spade

     First off let me say I am not a winner. Or a person who wins. I relentlessly sit at a slot machine feeding more and more money into it, and then always walk away pouting and begging Geoff for a few more dollars. Lotto tickets... forget it. I pick every number BUT the correct ones. And contests and giveaways? Forget about those! So imagine my surprise when I followed sweet Danielle's link to this post stating that I won her giveaway! ME!!! Out of all of those people! And it wasn't just for something silly, it was for a totally awesome photo shoot with the uber talented Christina Heaston. Let me just tell you, seeing this at 12:30 am did nothing to help me sleep! I was thinking of me and my boys and cute photos on the beach and what to wear and having to get Lewis groomed... oh man I never feel asleep! But I am thrilled! So thank you Danielle and Christina! I can't wait!

     And do you guys like these shoes? 50% of the lowest price made these babies less then $5! Gosh, I really love Old Navy when you find something so cheap in your size! Or in this case, a size close to your size! I love this blouse too, it is like wrapping your body in a big Kleenex. So soft and so lightweight... Love it! 


  1. Congratulations on your giveway win! ^^ and yes, i LOVE love love those shoes! ^^ x

  2. first off, i totally knew that was an Antho top before i scrolled down to see if it was! hahaha, it's so funny when you work there how easy it is to spot an Anthro item.

    secondly, i saw that you won the shoot! i'm stoked for you :-D

    ~Andrea @

  3. those shoes are so pretty. what a great deal!

  4. those shoes are soooo cute! and i love the top too! so feminine!
    i love love love winning things and i have suprisingly good luck when it comes to drawings and stuff, but i've never won anything in the blog world. urgh.

    and thanks for the encouragement about our house hunting process! i'm sure it will all work out for both of us eventually!

  5. That's so cool that you won a photoshoot! Old Navy is awesome, they usually have something cute on clearance or on sale. Those shoes are really cute.

  6. i love just about... no, wait... *everything* about this outfit! the lovely textured top, the cute little cardigan, and those shoes! i totally know what you mean about old navy deals. so fantastic. :)

  7. @Andrea- I know... I didn't even pick it out, it was a gift but I love it!!


  8. Thanks ladies, I am just glad they were peep toe or they wouldn't have been able to come home with me! A tad small, but I couldn't leave them there!


  9. That top is faaaabulous! And the shoes, but those go without saying. Congratulations! I neva win anything either. One day it will be me the boy and the lottery. Or at least I'm staying hopeful.

  10. Congrats on being a winner ;) Love the shoes, the rock! Have a great week.


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