Friday, June 10

The best hair product I have ever used...

     First off, "HI!!" to my new followers! I am more then happy to have you here!!  Secondly, You guys are going to love me for this. I think you will want to bake me brownies and give me hugs. Many, many hugs!

So last week, I got my hair done. My hairdresser, Pam, used this oil on my hair and I noticed the second day I just loved how it looked. Normally, I have to wash my hair once a day or it looks very oily at the root. I also get split ends like crazy since I heat style my hair a ton. But... not anymore! I went to Sally's Beauty Supply, identified the bottle and took it home. The item is One 'n Only Argan Oil Treatment. It is made from Moroccan Argan Tree oil and contains Omega fatty acids and Vitiman E and is alochol free. Did I mention I spent less then $10 dollars!?
After washing my hair I comb it out and put a dime sized amount in my hand, mix it up and run it through my hair, making sure to smooth it between the locks and concentrate on the ends as well. I do my makeup then blow dry my hair so I give it about 15 minutes to settle in and air dry a bit. I have been doing this routine for 1 week.

Since I have been doing this... I am washing my hair every other day. This is INCREDIBLE for me. It will prolong the life of my color and it really doesn't look oily at ALL. The Argan Oil appears that it would give off a greasy look but it absolutely does not. My hair is so much more shiny and soft, and it feels like I have had a professional blowout each time I do it myself. Also I notice that the "frizzy" ends or split ends are almost non existent. True, I did just get it cut but overall it seems like it is in such better shape!

The bottle also claims to reduce drying time, and I might be inclined to agree. It also states it is ideal for all hair types... yay! I have spent countless dollars and hours trying to find products that work from salon quality or drug store brands and this seems to do everything I need in one small bottle! I would buy you all a bottle and send it to you to try if I could that is how impressed I am. So go try it and I will happily accept those brownies!


  1. argan oil is like...a gift from the hair gods! i love it too! and i have argan oil body lotion that makes my skin like a baby's butt! = awesome!
    have a great weekend!

  2. wow, i so NEED this! thanks!!

    - jennifer

  3. This sounds just like what I need!! I have heard so many good things about Moroccan Oil (I think it's also argan oil?), but it's a little too pricey for me, so this product sounds perfect. Too bad I can't get it in Germany, I already checked. :(

  4. @Pia Try Amazon! When I was googling it I saw it there!

  5. I am definitely going to consider this - my red hair fades so fast and my hair is so damaged now - I need a remedy like this!

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  6. Hey, I'm a new follower- Hi!
    Thanks for sharing, I'll definitely give this stuff a try. :)

  7. Nice! I have heard of this but didn't want to try it because my hair is oily too at the root (generally have to wash everyday or at least use a lot of dry shampoo on off days!) so figured the last thing I needed was more oil!

  8. I love trying new products, thanks for the tip! I found you from For the Love of Blogs blog hop :)

  9. My mom said she wanted to get me some of this! She mentioned it to me the last time she did my hair, but she hasn't given me any yet. I'm glad to hear you like it, though! :)

  10. Omgoodness! My aunt is a hair dresser & currently visiting me from Virginia. We were talking this past week & she mentioned this amazing stuff! I went to Sallys & purchased it & oh my wow! It's incredible!

    Hope you had a fab weekend!

  11. I love this stuff! You can even buy it at Walmart now, Organix makes finding great hair products...

  12. I just bought this today because of you!


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