Thursday, June 9

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

- The other day I was driving behind a guy on a Motorcycle. He was Wearing Sketchers Shape-ups. To me, that just seems incredibly dangerous.

- Speaking to a man on a phone who kept asking me how much the wifi was at Starbucks, I told him it was free and he asked me how many dollars it was, I replied "zero dollars" and he was thrilled! Who knew things that were free really cost nothing!!

- Giving our puppy a bath. It is pretty hilarious seeing 2 adults and one wiggly puppy in a small bathtub.

- Being in the hospital with my dad, boyfriend, and many strangers and many feminine words were being talked about like nobody's business... thats embarrassing.

- A girl at work having a pair of underwear peeking out of her pant leg. WHOOPS! She didnt sort her laundry that well!!

- Putting my coupon in the little slot at Fresh & Easy and accidentally dropping my ATM in it as well. It took 3 dudes, 2 sets of keys and a lot of plastic having to be removed. And apparently I was the first person to ever do that....
- New babies! Their sweet smell, their soft skin, their little features and hands! Ahhhhh... it's so sweet!

- Sourdough english muffins, toasted, with peanut butter and honey. It is so, so good!

- The new navy blazer I scored on sale at Anthro last week. It is 80's flight attendant meets posh british socialite. I love it.

- Being able to tell my dog "NO!" when he has done something bad and he runs full speed into his house into a puppy time out.

- Bob's Big Boy breakfast. Some mornings you just need bacon, eggs, pancakes, hash browns and biscuits!

- Being able to take a bubble bath and read the new Lucky magazine completely uninterrupted. That is bliss!

- Lucky Charms with Soy milk for dinner. This should be under "Totally Awesome".

- Jordan is giving away a 7 day trip to Paris and that is AMAZING. To be the lucky lady would be incredible!

- Receiving sweet emails from lovely readers. It really makes my day, and I don't get them all of the time so they really are special!


  1. i just love that you do these posts! i can't figure out whether awkward stuff happens to you more...or whether i don't notice it happening around me. probably the latter...i should keep a list for a week out of curiosity.

    i can't blame the free guy, right now my husband and i are waiting to hear about something "free" and we are having fun playing "but what is it REALLY going to cost??"

  2. Yay for Lucky Charms! Vanilla almond milk is awesome w/ them too!

  3. HAHAH! Poor girl... I can imagine myself doing the same thing! lol.

    - A girl at work having a pair of underwear peeking out of her pant leg. WHOOPS! She didnt sort her laundry that well!!

  4. Hi I am your newest follower =) I found you through For The Love Of Blogs and I think your blog is adorable!!

    Congrats on becoming an Aunt!!!

  5. Funny, love the one of being in the hospital room (although I hope everything is okay) when everyone is talking about female issues. Been there, too many times.

  6. Motorcycles and Shape-Ups? Yikes! Just found you from FTLOB. Cute blog!!

  7. Hi new followers! OH yes @Beth.. just new babies in the family so at the hospital for GOOD things!

  8. I always love your lists. They make me smile.

    Also, I nominated you for a blog award in my latest post.

  9. Your awkward synopsis's make me giggle! Gotta love it all... Life wouldn't be quite the same without the both. And the awkward certainly gives us greater appreciation for the awesome! Thanks for sharing :)


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