Wednesday, June 8

Fancy Date Night

Blouse- Forever 21
Belt- Forever 21
Jacket- Nordstrom
Jeans- Mossimo via Target
Wedges- American Eagle via Payless
Necklace- Forever 21
Watch- Fossil

     Thats right. My man came home early on Friday night, we got dressed to the nines and he took me to the restaurant my heart desired... Olive Garden! Now I know, I know, it doesn't seem fancy, heck, it is not fancy, but it is so dang good! I spent that entire last week sick on the couch and you know what I saw over and over? This commercial of happy people eating some Pastachetti thing at the Olive Garden so I begged for it every day of my sickness. And my man treats me well. Friday night came and it was on! The salad is pretty good, the breadsticks are delicious but the Pasta... it disappointed! Oh well.. we were out past 8 pm and managed to have a glass of wine so that is a fancy date in my book! 
     In other news, I am working on a new FAQ page so if you have any questions to ask little ole me, ask away! I also am working on a great big blog sale with some items in my closet and I think I am going to start a new feature this summer I am really excited about! Thank you all for coming over to my little space and chatting and commenting with me everyday! It really is so fun and a delight to meet and talk with everyone! Is there anything you want to see more/less of? Any suggestions? Let me know!


  1. high five your husband for me please, that's what I call a good husband :)

  2. Nice post! Cool blog too!

    I'm a photographer, If you like photography check out my site.

    If you want, follow it. I'll follow yours as well. Take care! :)

  3. I am always impressed with Target jeans...especially at such a good price point! Those look great on you!

  4. @Jenni Thank you! These were about $12, they stretch out pretty bad but for that price I can deal!!

  5. ah this is such a cute look! your jacket and watch are my FAVES. awesome pictures girl!


  6. Love the outfit! I love when my husband spoils me and it's HIS idea : ) Hahaha. Sounds like a fun night!

    Also, I'm leaving for Cabo next week and would love to have you do an outfit post with a little intro of who you are/anything else you want to write about! Email me if you are interested:

  7. You're having a sale? Oooh, I'm in. You look lovely and I'm sure your husband felt very lucky to be out with such a fabulous-looking lady. :)

  8. @Sarah Emailing you now!!!!!

  9. ahhh Hayley, I have the same top :)


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