Friday, June 24

Summer Brights

     Everywhere I look lately, everything is all about bright, bright, bright! The girls on the blogs are pairing colors together that are making me drool a little bit and making me want to change the whole way I dress! The brighter the better this summer right? Here are a few things I would love to add to my wardrobe:

1. This colorful tiered necklace would look amazing with a breezy dress or a crisp white button down and cutoffs.

2. Big and bold statement pieces can bring life to any outfit.

3. Grab a skinny belt for a punch of color. These are versatile and can go with nearly any outfit. Try doubling them for added effect!

4. Nothing says fun and sassy like pink wellies! They don't only need to be for rainy days, think of them when you go to the beach for a bonfire!

5. A damask print comes to life in these earrings. Think of color blocking an outfit and letting the accessories be the focal point.

6. I can't get enough of this coral and pink combo or stripes and this sundress is just the best of both worlds.

7. Simple sandals with a dainty printed detail. Paint your toesies all different fun colors to match!

8. Need a casual but fun outfit for everyday wear? Try tucking a simple tee into a fun and colorful printed skirt

9. These bracelets stacked together can give the effect of brightly colored stripes right on your wrists!

10. Coral and wood colored heels with a white sundress would be a perfect warm evening outfit.

11. A scarf in a fun print can be worn so many ways! In your hair, around your neck, as a belt, on the strap of a beach bag... so many options!

12. Like wearing jeans? Swap out the old blue jean version for a brighter colored version like these jade green jeans

What do you like? What is on your summer wish list?


  1. Hayley! What a gorgeous post! I'm loving brights this summer--and you picked some great ones! I love those stackable bracelets and that tiered's beautiful! Feel free to link up your post for Friday's Fancies--this would be a perfect addition and I'd be happy to have you! Have a happy weekend! xoxo {av}

  2. Oh my goodness love! That maxi dress is so cuteee!

  3. @Dani They are all Forever 21, H&M and Topshop!

  4. those shoes and those jeans, yes please! I wish I was at computer savvy as all you gems who make these boards... what program do you use?

  5. Love EVERY pick you have here!! That necklace is super bohemian beautiful! Loving that skirt and the colors in it!! I tried it on a couple days ago, but it was just a little too short with my
    Have a lovely weekend!!

  6. The pants and the belt are DEFINITELY my favorite, but I absolutely love everything you've picked out!

  7. I am loving all the bright summer colors that are out this season. That striped skirt is super cute, and the striped dress looks cute and comfortable, perfect for summer fun.

  8. Stopping by via FTLOB and so glad I did! Love your blog... and these accessories? Amazing!

  9. I love the wellies! seriously sassy is right!
    such a great mix of bright and beautiful colors, you have excellent taste :)

  10. Love those pink wellies!! I was looking for some this past winter but now that it's summer I almost forgot how much I wanted them! Maybe I should just "plan ahead" and buy them now for the upcoming winter... :)

    Stephanie (Big Mario Life)

  11. No, but seriously, can I just STEAL your fashion sense? These are SO cute and so perfect for summer :D


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