Tuesday, June 28

That Dog

     Every single day, I tell boyfriend a big old heartfelt thank you for bringing this little guy into my life. It sounds so weird, I never thought I would be one of those people who are totally smitten with their pet... but I am! Everyday we always are laughing and having fun because Lewis has thee best personality, and then he is so sweet to be around when he is all sleepy and cuddly. We have only had him since November, but I really couldn't imagine our lives without him. He totally completes our little family. 

     Just last night we were chatting about the fun yard we will be able to give the dog when we move and I want to build him a little dog house, complete with his name right above the door. So dumb I know but so sweet, too! He is so fun to take walks with, even though this week I have pulled 2 pre-chewed wads of gum, a few worms, and a soggy cigarette out of his mouth. Never a dull moment! He also helps cure boredom because he likes to take Incredibooth photos with me in the afternoon! I love this guy. 

Has anyone done any of the training classes at either Petco or Petsmart? Im looking for advice on which is better to take a 10 month old puppy to and your experience with them? Or maybe another service I don't even know about!?


  1. Always wanted a dog too. A labrador! =)

  2. I totally get your love for Lewis! For those of us who dont have human kids and instead have furry kids, there still exists a love so grand that many people don't understand. Sometimes I look at my babies and just KNOW that they love me and that THEY know I love them. I know that sounds weird and I'm doing a horrible way of explaining it but nonetheless, it's such a special love.

  3. Awwwwwww! He is so adorable!

  4. Totally! Lewis is totally like our kid. Haha, except he sleeps like 12 hours a night! Score!

  5. Such a cutie! I grew up with dogs my whole life, but NY apartment living has restricted us to a ferret (whom we love and adore) but I can't wait to have a back yard and a dog!


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