Thursday, July 14

Awkward and Awesome

- Sunday night, driving home from work, I am driving behind a van that reads "FREE PICKLES FOR DELIVERY!" and I think to myself "WTF?!?" then I get a bit closer and realize it actually says "FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY"............ hmm.........

- I keep having the same bad dream night after night. That sucks. The awkward part is I wake up from a dead sleep and am mad at boyfriend for no apparent reason. (Sorry.) 

- Starbucks selling a new coffee called "Iced Coffee". But it is hot coffee. How many times am I going to have to explain this one?

- Having to explain to boyfriend why I use so much more toilet paper then him. Or trying to figure out why he doesn't use enough? 

- Getting really excited about seeing something at the store, turning abruptly to double back and whacking this woman with my purse. I think she was so close to me I didnt even see her. It was a blur... sorry lady!

- We got free Metrolink passes in the mail, so we have devised a plan to take an afternoon off of work and ride the beach train down to San Clemente. I cant wait!

- Last week a lonely old beagle wandered onto my front yard. My friend and I took him in, put up signs, ads on craigslist, in the newspaper everything and two days later... we found his owner! It was a 2 day headache but so worth it that this dog got to return home!

- New shorts from Gap. They were $48.00. I left paying $6.45... total. They are a tad small, so I just will forgo eating when I wear them. 

- Getting closer and closer to starting escrow on our house. 

- Finally getting projects done that have been on the checklist for months!

- Our work getting a makeover next week, which means we get to go home early every single day! Wahooooo!

- My glittery nails that I decided to paint on a whim, and that I totally love! Thank you Pintrest for so many good ideas!


  1. I giggled over the "free pickles!" :D And I HATE having repetitive nightmares, rawr.

    I wanna see these glittery nails! :D

  2. that is so sweet about the beagle! you saved a life! the toilet paper thing is way awk! and so is the iced/hot coffee...what's that all about? haha!

  3. This is soooo funny. First, I cannot understand that starbucks thing at ALL. Freaking weird! Next, how great would it be if that really WERE a pickle delivery truck. Oh, the possibilities! SO funny. Loved this. Also, I wanna see those nails!!

  4. Hahaha, I had to laugh about the 'free pickles' story, too. So cute!
    And I'm happy that you found the owner of the dog - a happy end after all. :)

    Lots of love.
    Here's to a happy weekend. XOXO.

  5. how the heck did you get free train tickets? i've wanted to go to san diego for the day/overnight with my big, but they are so damn expensive.

    love, little.

  6. @little- So I just took some surveys for the company and they sent me free day passes!

  7. HAHA!! Free pickles! That made me literally LOL.

  8. Hahahaha! Free pickles is cracking me up!


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