Wednesday, July 13

Sponsor Feature: The Boot

     Here is our second Sponsor Feature for July! Marissa is so sweet and so full of life, I love her blog and all of her gorgeous, amazing, jealously inducing photos of Italy! Go check her out sometime, you wont be disappointed!

Hi there Weekend File friends! It's me, Marissa from the boot, and today I'm going to give you a little rundown of my life in the boot (Italy!) and share some of my favorite things.
So here's the quick version of my life: 
In 2008 I moved to Barletta, Italy to live with my boyfriend Manu in his hometown. There I teach private English lessons, Zumba and blog like it's my job! It's been the most amazing experience ever. I can speak Italian in my sleep now and I've made friends who feel like they're family. 
I love Italy and I love Barletta!
On the boot you'll find a little bit of everything: 

1) Recipes: recently I made a delicious bolognese sauce and I think I need to make it again soon. SO GOOD!
2) Fun Fashion: living in Italy has totally rubbed off on me and my closet
3) General Shenanigans: this is one thing that you'll see a lot of; everything from parties for a statue to a "rocking" saturday night to my extremely normal whacky dreams.
I hope you'll come by soon and say ciao! Marissa :)


  1. Thanks for being here today!

  2. Wow this blog looks lovely! Definitely going to see what's up in the boot from time to time! Looks gorgeous.

  3. This is my first visit to your blog, and how funny that the first post I read would feature the lovely Marissa, an expat like me whose blog I already read regularly :-)

    Hi to you both :-)

  4. Marissa is a living doll of a girl, i adore her blog and HER so much! great feature Hayley. i think you two are the perfect blend of energies - vibrant and loving which reads through the screen full stop! ♥


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