Wednesday, July 6

Scenes from the Long Weekend!

Friday afternoon I braved the heat (102!) to run some errands, buy some groceries for our long weekend at home, managed to eat some frozen yogurt and had a fun shopping trip with my mom!

My new navy beaded necklace... it was 50% off and I just couldn't pass it by! 

I found this amazing knit Ikat pillow on the shelves at World Market with no tag and took it up to the register... another deal was made! $10 for this beauty!! She is now living on one of our favorite danish chairs in our living room.

A new purchase and I am totally loving the smell of this hand lotion. Plum Nutmeg and it smells so sweet and fresh! I keep it right by the sink to make doing dishes a little bit nicer.

That little black nose is the best! Lewis really enjoyed having us home all weekend. We took lots of walks, went to the park, visited Starbucks and got to play with the hose outside. 

Makeup free Saturday! Why? Because I can! Pup and I cuddled on the couch while boyfriend BBQ'd burgers, veggies and corn on the cob for dinner! 

But before the BBQ... swimming! First swim of the summer, and we went all out. A good magazine, a nice and cold insulated glass of water and some good tunes playing.... that is a perfect morning! Something boyfriend and I never get to do, or even enjoy together so this was a treat! And the water felt goooood!

Summer legs! I went to Target and stocked up on super soft shaving cream, new razors and a little self tanner. These babies need to get tan fast! Im loving shorts of all kinds!

My nephew Brody is 1 month old! I got to cuddle and kiss babies on 4th of July and it was wonderful! They are getting so big! 

And we cant forget baby Addison! She came over decked out in a cute Red, White, and Blue dress and basically chilled like this all day. Not a bad life!

We ended up picking up a pizza, grabbing some lawn chairs and went downtown to a middle school on the football field to watch our cities fireworks with tons of other people right below the mountain. We waited and waited and finally the fireworks went off... then 10 minutes later they stopped because the mountain caught on fire!! What a bummer! So I didnt see many fireworks but it was fun to be under the stars with so many people! Great (and funny) end to a great weekend!


  1. what a fun weekend! :) sounds like the essence of summer!

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend! Especially love that ikat pillow - great find Haley!

  3. what a sweet little baby! love the new necklace and the pillow!

  4. don't you love world market? great find!

  5. @Linley @Liz... I love love the pillow too! I only wish I could have found 2 of them!!

  6. AH!!! Such a cute pup and you look fantastic (make-up or no make-up!) Also, that necklace is beautiful. The beads remind me of blueberries!

  7. Awww cute babies!!! (and cute earrings too!) :)

  8. looks like a fantastic weekend.
    your nephew is so cute!!!

  9. I'm still so jealous of your pool! looks like a fab weekend!

  10. Sigh. Looks like a wonderful weekend! That necklace is just perfect!


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