Thursday, July 7

Sponsor Feature: In Doctorly Fashion

     Hi guys! So this is the first month of Large Ad features! If you are interested in taking over The Weekend File for a day check out the sponsor page and shoot me an email.

     First up is Mel, she has a cute blog and I am thrilled to have her over here today! Just look at that outfit... Summer perfection if you ask me! Show her some love, friends! 

     Hello there The Weekend File readers! I'm Mel, the blogger behind In Doctorly Fashion- a place where I share my life, style and just about anything else that comes to mind!
     I am currently a full time grad student and live in Oklahoma with my wonderful husband Chris, our dachshund Charlie and Lillie the cat.
     As expected, it has been a really hot and humid summer here in OK. Comfy tees and flowy skirts have become some of my summer staples in an effort to stay cool.

Skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT; Tank: Gap; Tee and bangles: F21; Belt: American Eagle; Shoes: Payless

IMG_5739 copy
Well, that's all for today! Gotta get back to my dissertation writing.  
I hope you stop by In Doctorly Fashion and say hello!


  1. Definitely summer perfection!

  2. Love that skirt and love the train track background!

  3. I saw that skirt and thought of a very similar dress that I own--you've inspired me to wear it as a skirt! (And then I realized that they are both from LOFT so it makes sense that they look alike!)


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