Tuesday, July 26

Weekend Scenes & Sponsor Special

Sometimes we get so busy, I forget we live so close to this beauty! So nice to stop by in soak it in every once in awhile.

I even saw a dolphin swimming off of the horizon. 

Had to slow down and take this photo. Who did steal this guys tailgate?!

I remembered a recipe I had seen on Danielle's blog for Quiche so I made it for dinner, adding my spin on it with Bell Peppers, Turkey Bacon and Sharp Cheddar. Yum yum!

Decided to spruce up a boring work ponytail with a pretty braid. Even better the next morning... crimpy hair! Hello 80's!

We took the afternoon off and took a trip on the train! More to come on this fun day.

My excited face... and Geoff's terrified face, or something like it!

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  1. what a fun weekend, I love the beach photos!

  2. I really like the colour of your hair, so pretty. Looks like you had a fun weekend :))

  3. that definitely looks like a good time! i wish my beach was that empty. instead all us locals desperately try to avoid it. sad face.

    love, little.

  4. @little I guess that we just right in front of us, but this beach was packed!!!

  5. love the braid in the ponytail. so cute!

    great pictures, by the way : )

  6. Love the braid and the last photo - too funny! :)

  7. What a gorgeous looking beach! Hit it up girl! haha and that truck is hilarious!

  8. What a lovely little place you live! I miss living near the water. Also, I love your braid! So pretty!!!

  9. Great photos! The poor guy and the missing tailgate! Love what you've done with these images also.


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