Monday, July 25


Blouse- Old Navy
Jeans- LC Lauren Conrad
Sandals- Issac Mizrahi for Target
Watch- Fossil
Sunglasses- LC Lauren Conrad

     Where do these weekends go? Literally, I try to squeeze in errands, cleaning, home buying stuff, family time, boyfriend time, blog time and then... its Monday! I swear they need some 8th day of the week that is reserved for sleeping in, watching those last 4 episodes of House from last season still on the DVR, and taking a ridiculously long bath so I can read all the magazines that have been piling up since May. But on a happier note I do have a freshly groomed puppy, clean floors, folded laundry, a happy family since we went to dinner on Saturday and a blog post for you guys! 

     We actually went to a nearby elementary school to take these photos. We scared off a couple of dudes with dogs. I don't know what is so intimidating about someone taking your photo outdoors, but it really makes people stare. Get out of their car, stare, get back in and leave. Maybe they were intimidated by this awesome blue gingham shirt, or they were afraid their dogs would maul me. I'm not sure. I am sure of one thing though, those poles were pretty fun to slide down, something that I did not allow to be captured on camera.... or maybe I did. I will share those gems another day! 


  1. Not sure what is so strange about someone taking pics outside. I have gotten some weird stares too!
    Cute top! I actually got the same one in yellow this weekend. Might have to wear it tomorrow. :)

  2. i love your gingham! so sweet and fun!

  3. Adorable outfit!!! And I want to see the pole shots. I love "outtakes"!!!

  4. @Mel Mine is a little more flannel-esque then the ones they are selling for summer but I love both!

  5. @Angie I might do a post full of outtakes soon. Ha!

  6. You have such a cute style! Really like your blog :)


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