Thursday, August 11

Awkward and Awesome

- Getting run off the road (well, almost) by an old man who thinks your honking is trying to wave... uh, no. There were two turn lanes, not three.

- Dog dingleberries. Every. Single. Day...

- Having delicious Reese's Puffs cereal (which we eat for dessert) and running out of soy milk.... more then awkward this just makes me feel sad!

- Realizing boyfriend and I are both hoarders. Me with clothes and boyfriend with old receipts and magazines.

- Buying stuff for our house we don't have yet, totally awkward but oh so fun! I have my eye on an art deco chandelier from a thrift store that I hope no one snags before the weekend!

- Hearing people doing construction, or landscaping or something totally loud and obnoxious at 12:17 in the morning!!

- I have been looking high and low for a pleated skirt and I found the perfect one... and it has polka dots!

- Meeting our soon to be new neighbors.. they all seem so nice! They even offered us eggs from their chickens.

- Jersey Shore in Italy.... I don't even care, I am admitting that I wake up Friday morning totally looking forward to toast, coffee, and watching that train wreck!

- The posts I have coming up for you guys in the next week or so. I am genuinely excited!

- Finding 3 Lotto tickets in my desk that each tell me "I'M A WINNER!"... of another ticket! Woohoo! 

- Getting a check from your work for being apart of a Class Action Lawsuit. Thanks for the extra cash, and I didnt even have to do anything!

- The fact that Thursdays are really my Fridays so I don't have to work for 2 more days... Yay!

- Flipping Out. I love Jeff Lewis and his crazy team. If I could hire them I would in an instant.


  1. I can't wait to see your pleated polka dot skirt! I want one! Please share soon...

  2. Ahahahaha, dingleberries. My dad and I would say that word to each other within a little rhyme like... Once a day. I was that child. ;)

    Oh and crazy drivers suck. They scare me. Blah!

    And finally, the ONLY unexpected loud noise I like and love is thunder. What I hate, is asshats who shoot off fireworks in like, August and they are the major ka-boom-y ones. I don't mind around July 4th and 24th! But ahmygawd, stop after that.

    Oh and I'm a bit of a hoarder too...

    YAY you for getting some extra cash. :D

  3. oh gosh, the awkward list made me cringe.especially the cereal with no soy milk combo/:

  4. Flipping Out is the bomb dot com. I love that show.

  5. Just found your blog via FTLOB and I am so glad I did! Can't wait to read more posts! I have been looking for a pleated skirt too...where did you get yours??

    dana at {}

  6. @Dana it was from H&M actually. they had pleated midi skirt dresses too!

  7. People who don't love Jersey Shore don't love life. Or pseudo italians. Or bad tv, and really, who wants to friends with those people?

    And dingleberries? Gross. Someone needs to tell that dogs derriere to shape up.

  8. Awww gotta love the seasoned drivers who have no business even walking on a street, let alone driving. At least everyone is safe!

  9. @corinna he did have the blue handicapped sign on his plates, I should have known he might be a little iffy of a driver. I did get a charming smile, nod and wave outta him haha.


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