Wednesday, August 10

Scenes from the Weekend!

One of our favorite places to go to is Portillio's. It i a Chicago based restaurant, but there happens to be one in a city nearby. They have the most delicious charbroiled burgers and yummy hot dogs and the best crinkle cut fries ever. I think this will be one of the few places I will miss when we move. We headed there last Sunday for lunchtime burgers, and it did not disappoint!

Sweet puppy Lewis is just loving life lately and having so much fun. We had a little hiccup a week ago where a groomer made a wrong move and we had to take him to the emergency vet. This resulted in a week long cone of shame and his leg bandaged but we are all better now!

I was driving with my dad and I made him hold up traffic so I could take this photo. Who isn't intrigued by the Shady Ladies and the Bad Bible Boys? I know I am!! It sounds like a bible rap group! If anyone knows what this really is, I am dying to know!

Poor guy just hates the hot weather (and we have been having some scorchers!), so he pushes and carries his toys around and just puts them in front of your and stares. It is like he is saying "Make this ball fly around the room, mom!" Or concentrating really hard to do it himself! How could you say no to playing with that sweet face? He gets whatever he wants around here!

I had been feeling a little land locked lately so we woke up totally early and had a little adventure! We went and parked right off of PCH where a bus comes and picks you up and takes you to this little cove and there is a restaurant right on the water!

Right there under the umbrellas is the restaurant called The Beachcomber. It is so cool and casual and it is one of those places you have to know is there or else you would never stumble across it! Thankfully, Google and Yelp were there to help us find it. Next time I am totally ordering the pancakes (they looked sooooo fluffy and delish!)

It was so weird waking up to 85 degree weather and driving straight into overcast, 62 degrees. And I loved every minute of it. I love foggy mornings and sunny afternoons! So I layered up with a few sweaters and of course, flip flops for the sand and surf!

Of course, when in Rome, or when you are right by a Sprinkles... you must stop by! That is the delicious Black and White that I took home and devoured, but I still have a Peanut Butter cupcake waiting for me in the kitchen!


  1. That cupcake looks so yummy. I love Sprinkles. And your pup is just adorable.

  2. looks like a great weekend ... I have yet to try sprinkles cupcakes!!

  3. a. that cupcake. oh em gee.
    b. the cone of shame! haha it's like you feel awful for them but also can't help but laugh.
    c. i love stalkers (not really, but I'd love you if you were my stalker). a lovey dovey post about my mister shall come soon!
    d. can we please have coffee together someday?!?!

  4. Love the weekend snaps, I'm iphone photo crazy -LOVE these apps!! And I seriously think I might have a Lewis crush what a sweetie, he just melts my heart every time. Although, sorry to hear about the grooming accident. xo

  5. I love Sprinkles! A few months ago they had a truck giving out free cupcakes to promote their new store opening in Georgetown! andddd it was right across the street from our apartment. I was in heaven :)

  6. The Beachcomber is one of my most favorite restaurants! Lunch is good there too! I love heading down there, especially when the weather is as nice as it's been here by the beach!!

  7. Looks lovely - what great weekend photos. Love your hair in the first photo and those gorgeous sunglasses.

  8. BAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA! that church sign!!!

  9. @KElsey I had never been before! It was a pleasant surprise!

  10. What I wouldn't do for a cupcake right now...

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  12. I looked up the church sign on google and it took to me to their website and I believe it said it was a sermon that was going to be discussed.


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