Friday, August 26

Going Postal

     Last week I came across what I will now refer to as the "Best iPhone App ever". I have been thinking of updating our photo wall for awhile and knew I had been primarily been using my phone as my camera for the better part of two years. Well one little search and I came across Postal Pix. This App is free people... FREE! And so utterly easy to use. You can print off your Instagram photos as little 4X4 squares (perfect for Ikea photo frames!) or blow up your prints, and you can even print them on aluminum. So for a few dollars I ordered 20 of my favorite prints and I was thrilled when they arrived in the mail!!
     The photos were great quality and my mind was already racing with ideas of what I could do with them. Since we are moving soon, I decided to string them on some hot pink twine with clothespins and hang them to our bare walls for a little oomph! For so little (and I am telling you... it is affordable!) you can transform a wall in your house, your desk at work, or even put your favorite photos right on your fridge for old times sake (I think my mom still has my senior picture on the side of hers!). 
Since I loved my prints so much I contacted them and asked what they could do for my lovely readers!! So Friday until Sunday evening (at 11:59pm!) they are offering you guys 20% off all orders with the code 'theweekend20'. So sweet huh? I know I am going to order more!!! Enjoy!


  1. wow this is such a great idea! thanks for sharing!

  2. My roommates and I did this in our dorm and it was perfect for temporary decoration. You can even do several rows for a bigger look!

  3. Fan-fricking-tastic! Would you even believe that I was just about to order some this weekend? Fate I tell you. Thanks friend!

  4. Haha thats perfect!!! Use the code!!

  5. sooo cuuuute!!! i love this idea! why didnt i think of it??

  6. oh my gosh this is GENIUS. i am so going to get on board with this. i have so many great instagram photos that i want to print. do they also print hipstamatic??


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