Monday, August 29

Home Sweet Home

     Well we did it! Friday, we closed escrow on out first home. Our sweet little house on a charming street in my favorite city and I am beyond excited. It was up and down the whole week as to what would happen, leading to sleepless nights and feeling so anxious. But all of our patience paid off and now, we own a house! Crazy! There is so much work to be done and so many ideas floating around in my head and I absolutely cannot wait to begin working!
     To celebrate, boyfriend brought home a lovely bouquet of white lilies, daisies, and carnations and a super cute (and very potent!) bottle of white wine. There was also a pizza involved, but that was gone in seconds. Little unexpected gestures like that just make me feel like the most special girl in the world and I cant wait for our many adventures ahead!
(Good job, babe!)


  1. Congrats! Welcome to the madness that is home ownership lol. There will ALWAYS be something that needs to get done, changed, or fixed... but aside from all that there's nothing like coming back home.

    ~Tammy :)

  2. How unbelievable exciting for you! Enjoy every minute of the adventure

  3. Congrats on the new home and new chapter in your life! We just bought our first home a few months ago and it still feels like a dream!
    Have fun decorating it, and making it your own!


  4. congrats!

    I remember our fist few days in our house we kind of just blissfully wandered from room to room in a daze of "is this for real?"

  5. Eep! Congrats friend! You two are two peas in a pod. So darling.

  6. It will be a great and challenging experience! Thank you guys for your kinds words and encouragement!

  7. Congratulations, that's so exciting! Best wishes putting everything together.


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