Monday, August 1

The Hunter

Sweater- Nordstrom
Dress- Forever 21
Belt- Thrifted
Sandals- Issac Mizrahi
Bracelets- Nordstrom

     I am going to start his week off with a shocking statement. Well, it will shock some of you. I am not a thrifter. Actually, I feel the need to be slightly OCD and wash my hands when I am looking through those stinky racks at the Goodwill. I can shop the flea market with the best of them, no problem. And antique stores are great but there is something about rows after rows of sweat-stained t-shirts that make me cringe. But... this little $1 leather belt is slowly changing my mind. I don't even know if you can tell because this dress is so graphic, but the skirt is actually in 3 tiers. I am kinda loving it. It reminds me of a birthday party. Regardless, I wore this out to dinner with our families, it was nobody's birthday. We went to my most favorite restaurant of all time, Maggianos. I totally had to adjust the belt and go down a notch... and that was fine with me! I love their ravioli, like dream about it kind of love. And I just had their bruschetta for the first time and it was divine! What is your favorite restaurant? What is your favorite meal to eat out instead of cook?

     If you didnt notice already, the ole' bloggy blog got a little face lift (like it?). The only page I have left to update is the FAQ. The last time I attempted this was during the great blogger crash and I lost all of your questions, and the ambition to do it! So I am asking you guys (pretty please with a cherry on top!) if you have any questions for me, or some good ones that would be fun for me to answer leave them in the comments below and I will get an updated page up shortly!

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  1. hayley i LOVE your new blog look! did you do it yourself? i would love to know what steps you take to spruce the blog up! :) the tiered dress is SO cute on you!

  2. what an amazing outfit! I love that dress and belt! I'm not a big thrifter either. The way those racks look don't exactly make me wanna dive in/give me a feeling there is anything pretty and useful on them. You can however find me in the deco department of our local secondhand shops almost every weekend!

  3. very cute outfit. i love the dress!

    love, little.

  4. i love this look. i have to agree with you about thrifting. i always love other people's vintage looks but have a hard time myself digging through the racks.

    I can't think of question now (never can when put on the spot) but if I do think of one I will post for you. :)

    Take care,



  5. Oh my gosh your blog looks amazing!

  6. Thanks guys... I didnt even have a plan but started redoing everything and I love love LOVE IT! Glad you guys do too!

  7. @Marissa... yes I did everything myself! Send me an email/tweet and if you need help with anything let me know!

  8. Visiting from FTLOB. I love that sweater! And yes, looking at a thrift store takes some getting used to, but it can so be worth it.

  9. Such a cute dress! I love the pattern! :)
    xxx mervi

  10. I laughed out loud at your "need to be slightly OCD and wash my hands when I am looking through those stinky racks at the Goodwill." Hahaha. I used to be really into thrifting and my gross-out level slowly grew over the years haha. (That belt is a great find!)

  11. @Dani I do the basics... handbags, belts, home wares. I will get the guts to venture over to the clothes one day!


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