Tuesday, August 2

DIY Inspiration Bracelet

Awhile ago, I was incredibly taken with this DIY hex nut bracelet tutorial. I recently spotted it again on Pintrest and while I was at Home Depot this weekend, I decided to get some supplies to try it out. I am by no means a jewelry designer, crafty, or claiming I invented this (because I totally had this link open on my iphone while I was doing it!) I just wanted to share my result! 

You will need:
-Twine: I used the neon colored markers twine, but you could also use thread or yarn.
- Hex Nuts: I think this would have had better results if I bought a smaller nut. I got 25 1/4" nuts and had some left over.
- Scissors: Any kind will do.

I measured the twine around my wrist twice and then made my cut just a inch or two longer. I cut 3 strands of the same length at first, and as I started braiding I realized it wasn't thick enough. So then I cut 3 more so I had 6 evenly cut strands.

I braided an inch or so before I started adding on the nuts. I really wanted to document it as I did it, but I was alone and there were strings and fingers everywhere... it wasn't gonna happen. Basically you need to hold the nuts really tightly, and thread on all of the outer strings. The tutorial outlines it step by step for you.

After I added on 6 nuts on either side I continued to braid the rest of the way down. I wanted the nuts to be off center of the braid. I also realized I should have shaped the nuts as they were lying so they would all go the same direction but overall I was pleased with the final result!

I think I will try this again with smaller (and maybe brass colored) nuts and possibly different colors of twine!


  1. who knew hex nuts could be so stylish! Definately will be trying this one out.

  2. even thought they are bigger they look super cool! can't wait to see you wear this with an outfit!

  3. @Marissa... I totally forget to wear it! I will sport it soon!

  4. super fun idea...i'm feeling inspired to get crafty :)

  5. I had been wanting to try that too! It turned out great!

  6. what an awesome idea! I love the bright pink pretty.


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