Wednesday, August 3

Now Arriving

Jacket- Nordstrom
Shirt- Cotton On
Scarf- Forever 21
Shorts- Old Navy
Shoes- Toms
Watch- Fossil
Bag- Forever 21
Sunglasses- Kate Spade

     About a week ago we took the afternoon off from work and went on a little train ride. Our actual journey will be featured on tomorrows post. But can we talk about how layered I am for the day? When you are going from inland to the sea, you never know what kind of weather to expect and I was prepared for it all. Extreme heat, windy wind (um, yeah... it's more then just regular wind!), and cool ocean breeze. I kinda loved this outfit a lot. Comfortable, casual, and lots of pieces to work with. I scored this jacket recently on the sale rack at Nordstrom and with a gift card! It wasn't even the right size but it magically fit so I got it. You know how that is, when it is too good to be true, of course it has to come home with you! 

     Do any of you ever eat at the Nordstrom Cafe? I really have to send my love out for their Tomato Basil Soup. It is hands down, my favorite soup anywhere. I am going to let you in on a secret... Order off the kids menu! The give you a drink, a cup of soup, a delicious grilled cheese and some chips for $5! It fills you up, is so good, and so affordable! Not to mention... you have ample belly room left for some dessert. Stick with me guys, I am an expert at shopping and lunching.

On another note, the winner of the Dreamboat Designs giveaway is... Little! 
I would post the screen cap but my Macbook is being a bugger and wont take one. Congrats!


  1. what a cute outfit my dear! i adore it! and i also heard so many good things about the nordstrom cafe! i must go on my next shopping trip! :)

  2. Will have to give the cafe a try next time we go.

  3. I'm loving the jacket and bag today!! So cute!! :)

  4. Great outfit. Can't wait to hear more about this adventure.

  5. I love the Nordstrom cafe and I always seem to order the tomato basil with grilled cheese every time I go. It really is the best. If you happen to go to one of their bistros (don't know why they don't have the same stuff at all the restaurants) their white chocolate bread pudding is super delicious!

    ps cute outfit :)

  6. Cute outfit - love the scarf! Layers are my favorite :)

  7. Thanks ladies! The scarf is my pop of neon for the summer!

  8. stoked i won! thank you. and so jealous of your train ride. i need to do that soon! maybe that capistrano one. i haven't been to the missions since elementary school.

    love, little.


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