Thursday, August 4

All Aboard!

A few weeks ago we took some surveys for the OCTA and Metrolink (our train service) and in return, they sent us some day passes for the train. Since I had never ridden the train we decided to take an afternoon off and head to the beach for some lunch and sightseeing!
We got on at Tustin Station, which would be the closest station to our new house and boyfriends work. It was really easy to get to the platform and figure out what to do. Although, the train schedule on the internet wasn't the same as the one we picked up when we were there, so we had actually missed the train that went to the beach (whoops!). So we were on our way to San Juan Capistrano.
The area where we got off the train as so quaint and charming! This is the area right around the mission, so there was a lot of people out and about. There were a bunch of antique stores, furniture shops, restaurants (even a yummy smelling steak restaurant in old train cars) and a petting zoo! We ended up eating at this little cafe called the Hummingbird House and had pretty delicious grilled sandwiches and sat on the patio listening to some pretty rockin greek music. 
My one and only photo of boyfriend, who was eagerly awaiting his lunch! Afterwards we figured out we would have to take a bus to get to the beach, so we went and shopped a little before we had to leave (I found the best vintage clutch but forgot to go back and get it.. dang!) and then of course, ate some frozen yogurt.
The bus took a long time to get down to the beach, but when we got there we ended up right at San Clemente. We wanted to go to the pier but didnt really know how to get there, and it turned out it wasn't even in walking distance! But thankfully the train we had to catch to go back would pick up there so we sat at some tables in the sand and had a root beer float under the sunshine. It was really nice, and there were so many people out and about enjoying the waves. I even saw a dolphin swim right across the water, something you just don't see everyday! It was kind of fun to be car-less for a day and just out and about. Boyfriend especially enjoyed it because his building at work has no windows so he rarely gets to see the afternoon in all its glory. 

Thanks to Metrolink for our free passes, I think next time we will get weekend passes, when the trains run more frequently and take it to the pier and maybe even to a baseball game! Oh and to cap off our evening we got back to the car and headed to Yardhouse for beer and burgers!


  1. Looks awesome! I took the train for the first time this summer. Unfortunately, it wasn't to the beach!

  2. multiple booty shots.. sorry!

  3. You were right in my area! I live in San Clemente! And isn't San Juan just the most charming historic area? I love it over there! So glad you had a great time!

  4. That's so fun. I've always loved the idea of just randomly taking a train somewhere and seeing what happens.

  5. I love your outfit! You look so chic! 

And what a fun day you had! My hubby and I live in So Cal, and I think we need to have an adventure day like this one!

    Your blog is adorable and one of my new faves! Definitely following :) Would love for to stop by mine too, and follow if you like! Excited to be bloggy friends!

    Along Abbey Road

  6. Cute blog! I found you from the Daybook, your style is adorable. And what a fun trip you went on, I love San Clemente.

  7. love the photos! sounds like an amazing day trip!


  8. hi Hayley!
    thanks for stopping by my blog, I really appreciate it!! in return I am here checking yours out and I love it! you are doing such a great job, I am now a new follower!!

  9. Great outift and love th pictures of the beach!!

    Kisses Anne

  10. cute blog.... new follower

    xoxo LIsa

  11. Love the pictures! Train rides are fun fun fun! I've never been on a express train though, I think the speed would freak me out. LOL

  12. Love your pictures n how u put them together. Ah you know what though. We don't have train here in Iowa! Lol!

  13. Looks like so much fun! I love your pictures xo

  14. so fun! I love random adventures like this.

    (thanks for your comment on my blog, by the way! I'm glad you helped me find yours!!)


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