Wednesday, August 17

Surf, Sand, and Scrambled Eggs.

Sweater- Forever 21
Shirt- Gap
Jeans- LC Lauren Conrad
Sandals- Havianias 
Bag- Forever 21
Sunglasses- Kate Spade

     I was drawing a blank so I let boyfriend name this post. Cute, if you ask me. But let me tell you this. The other day I ask him "Where is your favorite place in the whole wide world?" And he looks at me, and smiles really big and says "Breakfast." Whaaaaat!?! I was expecting "Paris" or "New York" but no. My total boyish boyfriend says his favorite place (not even meal or thing) is breakfast. These were taken that morning we ventured down to Crystal Cove and at breakfast at the Beachcomber. It was 8am... I wasn't going to get much dressier then this. I am really loving this mustard colored cardigan. I see it being a vibrant and great layering piece for fall. 

     On another note for those of you who have moved before (I only have moved twice and still have stuff at my parents house) do you have any advice for finding the motivation to start or get organized? I am so ambitious when I think about cleaning out drawers or packing boxes, but then when the time comes I am totally lacking the motivation! Any tips or advice are more then welcome! 


  1. I like what he chose to name the post. It's very cute. I'm also loving the mustard yellow.

    As for moving (I've moved enough times, and I'm still young) I find that music and dancing really motivates me. I get so much done when I'm happy and active that the plethora of boxes doesn't phase me. A high energy iTunes playlist does the job. Then again, that could be just me...

    -Steph from chocolate laced

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who looks to my boyfriend for post-title-inspirations.

    He did a bang on job! Love the color of that sweater, so perfect on you.


  3. cute title to this post! hehe, and love that cardigan.

  4. awww,that's really cute his favorite place is breakfast<3 i don't know why, but it is!:p

    the color of your cardi is lovely, i had one similar to it from f21 as well but i left in the theater after a movie by accident ):

  5. i love your sweater- must have that mustard color!

  6. Oh I wish I had a beach near by. I love this casual look. And you're right, this sweater looks good now, but come fall you are going to be falling in love with it even more I am sure.

  7. Favorite place is breakfast? I LOVE it! Sounds like something my mister would do... except he's say steak! Haha! Silly boys!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  8. Haha, love that your boyfriend named this post -what a great idea! I'll be sure to try this when I'm stumped, and see what the man can come up with. Loving this look by the way the yellow is fantastic on you, and the earrings are just such a gorgeous touch. xo veronika

  9. Thank you! And he is silly, I ask him all the time but he always gives me very interesting titles!!

  10. cute images! I love yellow :)


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