Tuesday, August 23

Weekend Scenes

A great little collage app that will turn your iPhone photos into fun little shapes. This is my heart right here... puppy, boyfriend, and good memories from good times. I wish I could get one of these for my wall!

An incredible trunk I came across. It has a really cool texture and a faded union jack so it appears to be more vintage and antique then it really is. Plus it doubles as a good catch all to hide all of the puppies toys! The only problem is the dog has become obsessed with it and tries to get inside all of the time!

Nothing beats a long day of picking out cabinets and couches then a big burger and a nice cold beer. One of my favorite burger joints opened a new location in Newport and boy was it good! I plan on being there many more times! 

Happiness. Sometimes I feel like an old maid for not going out and partying on the weekends, but when I can hang out at home with this guy and be totally comfortable and content... it is so worth it. Look at that face! 

Sunday errands. Doesn't everyone wear bright lipstick to Home Depot? It gets the job done let me tell you! Boyfriend kept saying "Woah Lips!"


  1. i desperately want an iphone, it seems every blogger these days has one;p

  2. I am not sure if I could live without my iphone anymore! Im addicted!

  3. I love Stella, I love your adorable dog, and I love your smile :)



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