Thursday, September 22

Burnt Orange

Sweater- Forever 21
Shirt- LC Lauren Conrad
Jeans- Old Navy
Flats- Target
Necklace- Forever 21

     Thankfully we have had a few cool days lately which resulted in me pulling out a sweater and some light layers and feeling so happy. Not to mention I am giving my air conditioner a well deserved break! If I could sum up my favorite style it would be this right here. Swap the flats for tall boots and add a scarf for cooler weather and I am happy camper. 

     I am trying to get some posts together for you guys and the new house and how it is coming along. Would you rather wait and see before and afters or hear about the journey as it is happening? Because let me tell you, we have already learned and experienced so much in these few weeks... both good and bad. Like I just never new how expensive a refrigerator could be! And what happens when it rains and you don't have a roof! 

     Speaking of fall... I am totally craving Pumpkin Pie. Only type of pie I like and I am trying to hold out until later in the season. Don't even get me started on Candy Corn either... I almost bought a 5lb bag at Target until I realized I would probably get a cavity or something if I ate the entire thing. What are your favorite fall goodies? 


  1. Lovveee the outfit. The sweater looks so comfortable!

    My favourite fall goodies include any halloween candy I can get my hands on. :)

  2. I could eat buckets of candy corn. I wouldn't stop until I threw up. It's kind of disturbing actually. haha And this outfit on you is UH-mazing. It's the perfect blend of chic and casual. I dig it.

  3. I have never in my life had pumpkin pie or candy corn. Whenever fall starts I always wish I were American, I mean: Thanksgiving, Halloween and lots of pumpkin things? I'd love it! What I also love is your sweater. that color is amazing! x

  4. @nikki Where do you live!? You are missing out! I thought Halloween was everywhere!!!

  5. @Jessica I feel like I would throw up if I got buckets. I love to go steal it from my nephew like the day after Halloween. Ha!

  6. Love that necklace - it's so unique and cool!

  7. I totally hear you on the candy corn! No matter what size I get, I eat the entire bag...and it's always enough to make me sick! (But I love yummy)

  8. i love your sweater!


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