Friday, September 23

Yellow House Before: Front & Back

Today is the first set of 'before' photos of the new house! A lot of work has happened already but I want to show you guys the house as it was, so we can look back in a few months and see how it has changed! I am going to break them up into separate posts so I can hear your ideas and thoughts! Enjoy!

So this is how she looked back on inspection day! This house was built in 1956 and from what we hear from the neighbors... for the last 20 years, not many upgrades have been made. The house was a short sale so we knew we were going to be taking on some projects.... 

Dead grass, lots of weeds, original windows, dingy paint, broken shutters... the list goes on and on but we have a pretty good plan of what we want to do to the outside! We already tackled the roof and the termite issue.

Walkway off of the driveway. That huge window looks right into our living room and gives the house a really open feel. I want to change out that red concrete entry way but I don't have a great idea yet. maybe a mini deck? Maybe paint it a crazy color?

This is the oversize patio in the backyard. I love that funky brick wall on the side, I am going to clean it up and make it a focal point for the yard. The sliding doors come off of the dining room and the small door is where the kitchen is. As for the patio... we knocked it down and that blue carpet is no longer! 

The larger of the two side yards. That weird shed is full of cinderblocks and water (why!?) so we need to remove it, fix the door that leads to the garage, and the shed to the right we already removed. When it got detached we noticed the house was originally an orangey-brown color!

What do you guys think? Anyone want to come pull weeds with me? Kidding! (Maybe...)


  1. oh, yay!! Congrats on the house can't wait to see it progress. And agreed, love the brick and wow, what a fabulously large back yard. Best of luck with the renos!! xo veronika

  2. how exciting!! congrat on the new home!!

  3. I love this! Ian and I, too, are into fixer uppers!

  4. Thanks ladies! It is a lot of work but pretty fun too!

  5. I love it! Well, love might be strong word but I see a bunch of potential and I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  6. I can't wait to see what you've done!!!


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