Tuesday, September 27

Little Bows

Top- Forever 21
Sweater- Forever 21
Jeans- Old Navy
Oxfords- Payless
Necklace- Forever 21
Watch- Fossil

     Life has been pretty much non stop lately. I have been so busy I don't even remember if I told you guys about my floods. Yes, plural, as in more then one flood. Well last week I came home from work at like 6pm and the dog would not leave the fridge alone. So I go over to the corner to see what's up and I walk right into a puddle. Our fridge had been leaking from the back for quite awhile and we didnt even know until it came all the way out into the front. The cabinets on the sides are warped and I am out $100 for a fix on that baby. Then last friday I wake up and hear sprinklers, I casually glance outside and I cant even see the concrete! Something happened to the system (still not even sure what) and they wouldn't turn off and it literally made a river in our yard. Thankfully it didnt come into the house but man oh man,  was there a lot of water! And did I mention this is the house we live in now!? Not even the new one! 

     So we went on a little date to the spaghetti factory and had pasta and glasses of wine (that cost more then our food) and this is what I wore. I pretty much die for this outfit. Skinny jeans, cute top, statement necklace, comfy sweater, cute shoes... my favorite recipe for a good outfit! 


  1. I'm really sorry to hear about the floods, that's never fun to deal with.
    Such a cute outfit though! Your shirt is really pretty!

  2. That's no sorry.
    But at least you look fabulous! :)

  3. Oh man, that is so frustrating! But on the bright side, we both love bows today! I posted about them as well haha.
    Enter my giveaway and win a sweet little clutch from Urban Outfitters!

  4. Cute outfit! Love the top!
    Sorry about that flooding, that is definitely no fun.

  5. I seriously love love love all the texture in this outfit...the necklace and the top are my favorite pieces :) crossing fingers that you won't have to deal with any more floods any time soon...water is a pain! haha. hope you have a fabulous week! xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}

  6. Flooding is awful... I don't wish it on anybody!!

  7. Thank you ladies! The necklace is new so I bet you will see it yourselves soon!!

  8. Ok I'm kind of wildly jealous of your new bow top! Seeing as I just majorly SPLURGED on that Juicy bow top... Shoot! We need a shopping date.

    Also, I most sadly had my own personal major flood my 2nd year of college - our whole apartment flooded and we had to temporarily move - INTO AN ALL-BOYS DORM FULL OF FRESHMEN! Hahaha. GOOD LUCK!

    P.S. So Cal blogger meet-up Oct 16 may be moved to Tanaka Farms in Irvine. Hope you're still interested! :)

  9. @Dani... OH NO! That is a super flood! And we DO need a shopping date! Either that or we should somehow figure out how to do an OC clothing swap!!

  10. love the shirt! the bows is so cute!

  11. I am so down with an OC clothing swap - GREAT idea! Let's e-mail about this and get it together! :)

  12. I love the little prints/patterns you've been wearing lately. I think that's a trend I'm gonna start copying you on!


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